What is Leptospirosis?

In New York City, we have found that the cases of Leptospirosis going up. This is a bacterial and infections disease that had been around for a while and now they are going up on a steady rise in New York City. This is a disease that is being spread by rats.

In a late report that had come out in September, sees that the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene had gone ahead and reported on the matter. They have stated that 14 cases of human Leptospirosis had been found this year.

What is Leptospirosis

This might seem like a small number to you but this is more than the number of total cases that had been found this year is much more than the total number of cases that had been found in the previous years. There had been no obvious clustering that we find in the cases.

Now out of the 14 people that had been found with that disease had found out that they had been hospitalized 13 of them. All of them had some problems and in a few the problem got even more severe than that and this ended up in the result of one person dying because of infection. The others were discharged from the hospital after being treated.

The people were the ones who had the chances of being exposed to the rat infestation and that is being sure to have got under the influence of the people. There is another report that states that there was the 15th person too this week that had been infected by the same disease and there is news that the person had recovered from the disease too.

This was coming as a warning before too that states that the rats may become more aggressive due to the coronavirus. Seems like this may be related to it. However, not much of the news is talking about it.

So that’s the limited amount of info that is available to the news. That’s all for now. We will keep you updated on the news if we get anything to report on or worthwhile to be brought into attention.