5 Areas That Can Make Use of LED Flood Lighting System

Even with technological advancements, it is easy to think that LED floodlights should only be outdoors in places like the streets, shopping malls, and roadways. While this may have been the main intention at first, inventors also found them more applicable in indoor spaces. If you are stuck at what type of floodlight to buy for your home or commercial establishment, here are some factors that are worth your consideration.

5 Areas That Can Make Use of LED Flood Lighting System


Indoor vs. Outdoor Floodlights

Ideally, LED floodlights to possess directional properties that allow them to project light onto a room, item or surface. They are made from weatherproof luminary materials that direct lighting for various applications. They can also project beams of light on the spot and at long throws.

That means LED floodlights can function both indoors and outdoors, but the only difference between them is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating. For example, LED floodlights with a tag indicating that UL listed can only be used in dry indoor spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms.

The ones with damp location tags can be installed in spaces that experience moisture condensation, like kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore, when buying LED floodlights, ensure their IP ratings suit their intended purpose to prevent the occurrence of electric fires.

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Where Can LED Floodlights Be Used?

Apart from lighting for the streets or roadways, which require beam patterns suited for road architecture, floodlights can fit anywhere needing directional lighting in a specific zone. These include:

1. Sports illumination

Players, athletes, spectators, judges, and sundry require ambient lighting during a sporting or athletic event at night. Sports LED lighting systems require floodlights technology to project even lighting at the court, stadium, or playgrounds.

These areas lack roofing or ceiling structures to accommodate overhead light fixtures, compromising the bounced light’s ability. LED floodlights in sporting areas provide a wide range of uniform light distributions, enhancing better visibility and reducing glares and shadows.

2. Manufacturing Plant Outdoor Lighting

Industrial buildings like sewage treatment plants, drilling rigs, and petroleum refineries need floodlights for task and area lighting. The activities in these areas are likely to attract high moisture levels, toxic substances, fire vapors, and a rust-prone atmosphere which can affect the lighting system.

Fortunately, manufacturing plant lighting can withstand unfavorable weather conditions and abuse, making them ideal for potentially dangerous locations such as these. Since they are free of carbon and mercury emissions, people, animals, and plants can rest assured that the lighting will not affect the environment.

3. Security and Surveillance Illumination

In a world where petty and major thefts and burglary crimes happen every hour, getting a lighting system with security features is an added advantage. Nowadays, LED floodlights can be mounted on the exterior parts to monitor and detect criminal activities, wade off intruders, and enhance better visibility for CCTV cameras.

Additionally, highly advanced floodlights with security cameras have facial recognition features to help you detect the exact culprits and accomplices. They might have broken into your home or premises to commit criminal activities.

LED Flood Lighting System

4. Landscape Esthetic Accentuation

Famous landmarks across the globe owe it all to LED floodlighting for accentuating their unique architecture and attractions. Silhouette and wash lighting accentuate the beauty of natural features such as trees and other plants surrounding a building.

These types of lights ignite a dramatic feeling about a particular monument or fountain. Thanks to their versatile light distribution properties, it does not come as a surprise that floodlighting is here to stay.

5. Billboard Advertising

Advertising brands through billboards have become a norm, and many companies are not letting the chance waste. Billboards endowed with conspicuous and ambient lighting are hard to ignore. They are noticeable even at night. The more light is spread across them; the more visible they are to pedestrians and motorists for as long as they remain up there.

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Choose LED Floodlighting Systems for Your Business

Sectors such as marine, ports, mining, and manufacturing plants engage in heavy-duty and risky tasks that require ambient lighting to make their work easier. They also need floodlighting that prevents their activities from harming the environment.

LED floodlights are suitable for any work environment since they are resistant to shock, moisture, and vibrations. An illumination system with security features also makes commercial businesses survive without threats from intruders.