Lawyer for Man Accused of Killing Ahmaud Arbery Draws Scrutiny

They will appoint someone who is less able to defend the rights of the most vulnerable instead of the person who is best suited to do so.

The Rev. Dr. Leonard Small, an African American civil rights activist, reportedly defended Mr. Gough at the time, according to a television news story.

Lawyer for Man Accused of Killing Ahmaud Arbery Draws Scrutiny


Lawyer for Man Accused of Killing Ahmaud Arbery Draws Scrutiny

Mr. Gough threatened to go on a hunger strike if the N.A.A.C.P.’s demands regarding the local justice system were not fulfilled.

She was removed from office last year as a result of her involvement in the Arbery case, which allowed three of the murderer’s pursuers to remain at large for several weeks after his death.

She was accused of obstructing justice and breaking her oath of office when Gregory McMichael, a former employee of Ms. Johnson’s, claimed that she had shown him “favour and affection.”

Many viewers were taken aback when Mr. Gough appeared on CNN with his unarrested client and interrupted anchor Chris Cuomo’s attempt to question Mr. Bryan about the case before the start of Mr. Arbery’s death trial.

The client has a high school diploma, which isn’t very impressive if you’ve ever visited a high school in the area. Mr. Gough put it this way:

Three days prior to Mr. Bryan’s arrest, Mr. Gough issued a statement in which he claimed that his client, who had captured Mr. Arbery’s murder on his phone, was simply a bystander at the shooting in February 2020.

Mr. Gough pleaded with Ben Crump and S. Lee Merritt to cease, claiming that their demands that Bryan be charged had turned him into a “sitting duck” for retaliation.

Killing the prosecution’s key witness, in his words, “won’t help us catch Ahmaud’s killers.”

Hogue Claims that the Institution’s Stance on the Arbery Case Represents a Goal that is at Odds With Her Views on the Role of Criminal Defence Attorneys.

The college’s current objective, which includes its ongoing goal of eliminating racism in the legal system, is admirable. However, this is in direct opposition to the ethical duties of a criminal defence lawyer.

She went on to say, “I have never been in a scenario where I had to remind my colleagues what we do for a job and that we should stand with, watch over, and support each other,” before adding, “Fidelity to client is the single and main interest.”

I decided to leave the university because I could not find a venue in which to present my arguments in self-defense, which necessarily sought to devictimize Ahmaud Arbery. It’s standard practise for lawyers who represent the accused to do this.

I can’t place the dead man on a pedestal and justify killing him by saying “we had to.” As the circumstances demanded, you were forced to protect yourself against an attacker who was trying to seriously injure you.

Despite the backlash her statements caused, Hogue is certain that the defence team’s efforts have broken the dominant narrative that has evolved since cell phone video of the killing was made public.

Last Words

Hopefully this dispels the myth that Greg and Travis noticed a Black man jogging in their predominantly white neighbourhood and decided to track him down and lynch him.

The case, in Hogue’s opinion, left viewers and jurors with the impression that “the story we’ve been hearing is not the facts of the case.” That reality, Hogue warned, would require “saying some terrible things about a young man who lost his life.”