5 Best Language Learning Software

Language learning software has made language learning readily accessible to people which was once considered a difficult task to accomplish. From simply learning a foreign language in your spare time or for a whole lot of particular purposes the software has made it possible. Though it may be any scenario, learning a foreign language can be an enthralling experience. It helps you to change for the better and are rather affordable.

The benefits of having online software are numerous and considerably make you learn a language with less effort. It includes learning anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can learn at your own pace giving more time to difficult sections and relatively skipping easy or known stuff.

Language Learning Software


The 5 Best Language Learning Software In 2021

1. Memrise

Memrise was launched in 2010 by Ed Cooke along with the Co-founders Ben Whately and Greg Detre. It focuses on effectively learning the new languages online. It makes you memorise the words and practise those words in mundane use.

Many effective tools are deployed, that helps you to memorise the words, such as spaced repetition and mnemonics. The basics of languages are made easy to understand and you can learn new terms.

You can learn varied languages from wildly spoken to rare dialects. Its exercises makes the learning more easy such as learning new words and revising. The attractive and friendly interface helps in easy learning an also supports offline learning.

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the best vocabulary learning software for different languages. In Quizlet all the information is well organized in sets, that can be created by the users or a teacher. Accordingly, the students choose the appropriate set they need to learn.

It benefits the learners in many ways such as you can work on teamwork and collaboration in the classes, students have other ways to prepare for tests.

It has seven standard study modes that are used to review for the students in the best way that is possible. For the students to better prepare for tests, it has many study tools that are engaging and flexible with other methods.

3. Mondly

The language learning app was launched in 2014. To better enhance your learning experience it has chatbot technology. It has a global team of native speakers, translators, and collaborators.

Every language on the list from rare speaking population to widely spoken languages have equal comprehension. It also provides instruction in many languages other than English such as you can learn Russian from Spanish.

It provides the services on a subscription plan and has daily lessons for vocabulary, sentences and grammar. It is ideal for all type of users from beginners, intermediate or advanced learners.

4. Babbel

It is an effective language learning app that helps you to learn the language from the very basic. It provides 14 languages to choose from and the lessons cover a wide range of topics.

The lessons designed by the experts make your learning effective and helpful for easily engaging in day-to-day conversations. It has speech recognition technology to make your pronunciation clear.

The sessions are fixed for 10-15 minutes that are convenient for learning and review sessions that helps to improve yourself and get aware with strengths and weaknesses.

5. Idyoma

It has a somewhat different approach to help you learn a language. For being fluent in your speech you need conversation and through this platform, you can connect with other people and learn.

There are two options provided on the screen to connect with people who are Nearby and Worldwide. You can connect with people near you or with people across the world.

Students can organize themselves in groups or individually. You can learn the native language of others and teach your native language and thus sharing backgrounds and cultures with others along with enjoying and having exciting experiences.


Through the software and online platforms, the language learning practice has changed, making it all different while exciting at the same time. It has advanced over time and is destined to increase over time provided the extra steps taken by the developers and through the process, learning is taken forward.