5 Best Language Learning Apps

Learning a new language is indeed a splendid way to make use of time wisely. It can help you to better communicate while traveling to other countries, and when you know the local language of a particular place, you get an extra perk.

Even the study says knowing multiple languages can help you to be focused, have multitasking ability, or develop a good memory. To sum up, learning a new language adds to your skill-set expanding your intellectual sight.

Language Learning Apps

Hence, if you are ready to level up yourself for learning a new language, we are here to help you get the best platform to start your journey with new languages.


5 Best Language Learning Apps to Broaden Your Horizons

In this article, we have featured the 5 best language learning apps right now, which will for sure make your learning process easier, interactive, and fun.

1. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone gives you personalized solutions and enhances the experience for you to learn a new language. It offers around 28 languages so far.

They have adopted a practical approach to teaching. Their true accent feature helps you with improvement in pronunciation, and as well as you get real-time feedback.

Small-length lessons make it easy for learners to get learning at their pace. This app makes use of images, words, and audio to have a better understanding.

Rosetta Stone comes with a paid subscription of $36 for 3 months, $66 for 6 months, $96 for 12 months, $144 for 24 months, and also free version is available, but it has access to a few lessons only.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is contemplated as the best in the field of the language learning platform. It provides up to 38 languages to learn. They are engaging their users with attractive gamified lessons to learn in a fun way.

You can track your progress made, and also public leaderboard is also introduced to compare the progress with your friends.

It always tries to keep its learners motivated through reward points, badges, unlocking new levels, maintaining a learning streak, and email reminders.

The courses are divided into small parts, so your busy schedule can’t pull you off from learning a new language. It always makes sure to amplify your skills through practice.

However, all these features are available absolutely free. However, they have Duolingo plus with some added features.

3. Memrise

Memrise acquires vocabulary-based techniques to teach language. It makes use of flashcards and various fun activities, which enables you to get language effectively.

There are almost 21 accredited languages, and user-made courses are in ample amount. Memrise offers its most features for free; however, its premium version gives offline access and other features.

Memrise gives you a basic understanding of vocabulary, phrases, etc. but if you are looking for a better grip on language, try other learning apps mentioned in the list.

4. Babbel

If you want to establish fluency in the language, you should opt for Babbel. It gives you practical experience of learning over 14 languages.

Their speech recognition feature works well with your speaking skills, so you can say it like local. The lessons are kept short and precise, and it covers a broad range of useful topics.

They always assure that whatever you learn stays for the long term with their review sessions. In order to get access to Babbel, you need to buy its subscription. Its plan starts from $12.95/ month.

5. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp is mostly for those who love to read. Their theme of teaching is based on the reading. Learn in a parallel manner by translation in the native language and audio recordings of text.

The content of reading is designed thoughtfully so that you get to read in various genres. Also, test your skills through quizzes.

Beelinguapp provides its features for free, but if you want extra features like ad-free and unlock some new texts, you can buy a $1.99/ month membership.


Therefore, we hope you are all set to embark on the journey of learning a new language with these apps.

Learn from anywhere, anytime without wasting time, and make out the best while stuck in traffic, waiting in the queue, lying on the bed; just grab your smartphones and be productive.