The lambda variant, or “C.37” as the lineage has been designated, has been spreading rapidly in South America, particularly in Peru where the earliest documented samples of the virus date from August 2020.

However, it was only flagged up as a “variant of interest” by the World Health Organization on June 14 this year as cases attributed to the variant had spread noticeably.

All You Need To Know About The Lambda Variant of Covid

The world had not yet coped up with the delta variant of the coronavirus and now they are facing a new one. It is no surprise that people all over the world are freaking out a bit.

The WHO noted in its June 15 report that the lambda variant had been detected in 29 countries “Authorities in Peru reported that 81% of Covid-19 cases sequenced since April 2021 were associated with Lambda. Argentina reported increasing prevalence of Lambda since the third week of February 2021, and between 2 April and 19 May 2021, the variant accounted for 37% of the Covid-19 cases sequenced,” the WHO noted.

By June 24, the lambda variant had been detected in cases in 26 countries, according to Public Health England data. This included Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, and Colombia as well as the U.S., Canada, Germany, Spain, Israel, France, the U.K., and Zimbabwe, among others.

Now people are concerned if the lambda variant is more dangerous than the other variants, however, no definite answer can be given now.

In mid-June, the WHO said that “lambda carries a number of mutations with suspected phenotypic implications, such as a potential increased transmissibility or possible increased resistance to neutralizing antibodies.”