Kids With A Prior Covid Infection Should ‘Absolutely’ Still Get Vaccinated, CDC Director

The fact that many people are thinking to date that if they get the coronavirus once then, they can not get that again is very disturbing and the root cause of the problem. Now that the kid’s vaccines are out, there are available; there is going to be a lot of issue about this either.

Well, there are going to be people who will think that the children who had already been infected by the coronavirus are going to have the antibodies of the virus and that they probably won’t be needing the vaccine anymore. But that is absolutely wrong.

CDC director says kids with a prior Covid infection should absolutely still get vaccinated

Health officials have been telling the world about this for a long period of time. Having the covid infection once does not make you immune to it. You can have it again, and it can be worse than the first time that you had it. It goes for the kids too.

There are no Scientists who have stated that the immunity power of the antibodies created by the prior infection is enough for the protection of a person. It can be fatal for a kid if they get the virus the second time. So the kids with the prior infection do need the vaccine more urgently than the others.

“And so in this current matter, we recommend that all of the children, and that also included the children who are even and had the disease before, they should also be the one who needs to get vaccinated,” Walensky said in a briefing on Wednesday.

It is estimated that almost 40% of the kids between the age of 5 and 11 had been infected by the coronavirus already. It is important that this should be noted, and people are made aware of the importance of the vaccine and do not just neglect it as they would. So that is all for now. We do hope that you get the facts straight if you are a parent reading this. Get your child vaccinated as soon as possible.