Kids 5-11 Can Get COVID Vaccine As CDC Gives Final Clearance

Now we all had been waiting for this final green light from the CDC about the COVID-19 vaccine from CDC. The CDC had agreed unanimously that the Pfizer vaccine is safe and should be distributed among the Countries and states as soon as possible.

They gave the clearance for it to be manufactured and distributed as soon as possible. The vaccine is to be given to kids between the ages of 5 to 11. We are really happy to share this news with the world.

Kids 5-11 Can Get COVID Vaccine As CDC Gives Final Clearance

There is a great way to boost the day. This is the news that many had been waiting for, and the CDC and the FDA had been working day and night to make sure that the vaccine is safe for the kids, and now they have worked and their work had been paid off. This is yet again another step forward to beating the coronavirus.

The vaccine is the same as the regular vaccine that Pfizer had been making but the dosage will be smaller for the kids. The kids will have a small dose of one-third of the original dose that is being given to the adults and the teens. Many parents are thrilled at this announcement since they had been counting down the minutes when it finally gets approved. It must be a huge relief for all of them.

β€œToo many children have either lost a parent or become orphaned in this pandemic, which is incredibly tragic,” said Dr. Camille Kotton, committee member. β€œSo, as an infectious disease specialist and a mother who has vaccinated both of her children, I am fully supportive of recommending this vaccine for this age cohort.”

That is all for now. The distribution is probably going to start as soon as possible. We will keep you updated on the news.