13 Best ‘KickAssTorrent’ Alternatives To Use in 2023

In this present world of downloading, torrent downloads have increased in the past few years, and why not? We see torrent downloads as fast as other files. As everyone knows good things don’t last long and the same happened with KickAss, it shut down recently.

This has increased the search to find alternatives to it. KickAss was something that cannot be replaced because it gained the attention of many users due to its simple interface and high speed of downloading torrents.

After its shutdown, many imitators came up to clone it but could not do it.



13 Best KickAss Torrents Alternatives

Today, we have the list of 13 best KickAss torrents alternatives below. Check them out below!

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1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is known as the most secure torrent download site. It has an easy-to-use interface with a brown theme. It warns its users not to download torrents without using a VPN.


1. Entry page with security measures displayed.
2. It has a huge collection of torrents.
3. Available with a wide range of categories or options.
4. Find anything of your choice with ease.


1. It can be shut down or blocked anytime which makes it difficult for its users.
2. Illegal and adult content is also present so security measures need to be taken.

2. Torrent Downloads

TorrentDownload has gained popularity since 2007, after its first release. Most sites get shut down or blocked very soon, but this site has a record of lasting a decade. What makes it different from others? It is, it’s section of music/audio where you can also search for audio torrents.


1. No registration or login is required.
2. High download speed in the range of 4 to 5 Mbps.
3. Has a separate library for Asian content with magnet or torrent links.
4. You can even find rare and very old games or anything.


1. Recently added content can be malware as there are no user comments for vulnerabilities in torrent.


When it comes to giving KickAss a run for its money, RARBG should be acknowledged. Originally it was not available in various top countries like UK, Saudi Arabia, India etc. You need to use VPN like expressvpn to use this site. This site displays a lot of ads but a common adblocker can block them so as not to distract you.


1. It is known for its personalized experience.
2. Get top 10 torrent or magnet links for different categories.
3. Check the new index section for recently added torrent links.

1. It has clumsy interface which looks ugly.
2. Adult content so keep away from kids.

4. Lime Torrents

LimeTorrent is another alternative to KickAss, but is very different from it. It is one of the oldest P2P file storage systems that still works. It uses some old-school technologies like RSS. You can search for any content in a smarter way with filtering options like latest torrents or most popular P2P files.


1. It has a huge library collection as it has been hosting tons of torrent actively.
2. Has both torrent and magnet links which make it easier for one to proceed.
3. Navigate through the interface easily and smoothly.


1. You need to login or register to continue on this site.
2. Fast server crash makes it difficult for users to stream.

5. YourBitTorrent

YourBitTorrent is another one of the best alternatives to KickAss. As the name suggests, it is “Your Bit Torrent” which means it is completely ours. It is known as the biggest bit torrent indexer and has a cosmic library of torrent and magnet links. It has about 1.8 million daily visitors according to a report last year.


1. One of the safest alternatives to KickAss as it warns you if you are accessing it without a VPN.
2. Has almost every kind of content like movies, anime, shows, adult content etc.
3. This site offers you to download content like others to watch later.


1. Too many ads and pop-up are displayed but any ad blocker can block them.
2. Malicious files may be present, users need to take care of themselves.

6. Zooqle

As a game lover, I personally use Zooqle to download game torrent. It is quite easy to use and known for its high speed. When it comes to statics, it have 5 million visitors daily but it does not quality and experience on it. It has almost every type of game torrent that you might not find anywhere.


1. Has a built-in calendar to keep you updated with the latest uploads or releases.
2. Check popular and on-air content as soon as you visit the site.
3. Very very few malicious torrents.
4.You can favorite/subscribe to your favorite content.


1. A lot of ads are displayed but at the same time can be blocked by an adblocker.
2. Due to high demand and usage, download speed may decrease.

7. TorLock

In this crowd of torrent websites, the one that stands out is TorLock because everyone care about their privacy and do not want malicious torrent, so this website offers only verified torrents.

In today’s world, everyone needs data and your data can be transferred through P2P files that contain malicious code but thanks to TorLock that has only verified links.


1. Cares about the privacy of its users and has only verified torrents.
2. Provides detailed description and you can also check comments.
3. Has immense files due to which it has huge daily visitors.


1. It has content for 18+ so kids need to stay away.
2. Sometimes server glitch occurs but is restarted very soon.


IDOPE torrent website an alternative to KickAss is somewhat clone to it. It has a straightforward and very easy-to-use interface. This website has one click download option and available with many features and tools.

It has almost every torrent that you are looking for in its huge library. All the content in it are dubbed as “a tribute to KickAss Torrents” which means it gives tribute to KickAss after its shutdown.


1. Search through popular uploads and latest uploads.
2. There are different categories like games, videos, music, adult etc.
3.Has high download and upload speed also it has high daily visitors.


1. Not so cool and good looking interface.
2. Contains so many malicious torrents.

9. Monova

Monova is another alternative, but perhaps not the best. It is known that most of its torrent and magnet links are malicious. Its index has been reported as malware according to a Google feature report Safe Browsing. It has actively linked its users to illegal and distorted or malicious softwares that can harm a user’s privacy.


1.Get everything available in torrent on it.
2. High download speed but blocked by internet service providers.


1. It has illegal and pirated content.
2. Almost every file is malicious until and unless you cheque it.

10. 1337X

1337X again a long running website for almost a decade. It has gained and achieved amount of visitors from the day it was hosted. This succeeded with its hard work to do while other big names keep on falling around it.

It might have small library of collection but proves to offer and personalised and an awesome experience while visiting it.


1. It has almost every TV show, movie, music etc.
2. Well organised content with effortless navigation.
3. Include content categorised by Oscar award, new episodes, trending etc.


1. It has copyrighted content which leads to its blocking every time.

11. Demonoid

Looking for torrent to TV shows, documentaries, audio and anime etc then this site is absolutely for you. It has immense library in which content is stored categorised for quick attainment of its users. Whatever you need you can find here, or I could say it is “a place search end” .


1. Various links to download torrent files.
2. Get almost old to old and new to new content available here.


1. Has a bit terrible interface but good for someone who is new to torrents.
2. Requires registration to use more advanced options.

12. PopCorn Time

PopCorn Time is another best alternative that I would recommend and that I also use. As the name suggests, Popcorn Time, meaning this site, focuses mainly on movies and television shows.

It is the best site for someone who is new to torrent link as it has very few malicious link regarding others.


1. High quality and ultra high quality content.
2. Categorised content as per new and old.


1. It has illegal and malicious links and pirated content.
2. Too many unnecessary ads and redirection to malicious sites.

13. Kodi

Kodi is the best way to stream media. Add multiple repos to watch anything your heart desires. Since all real news is no longer available without distortion from the Timewarner, Viacom, and Elite duopoly, you can also find all kinds of local news from around the world here with the right add-ons.


1. Categorised, well-maintained content.

2. Dark theme which reduces eye strain and best suitable for night.


1. It has malicious links and pirated content.

2. Lacks in some features that other websites have such as filtering.

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Many of us don’t know about what torrents are? And why do we need to download those. Above we had the list of compiled and curated list that has been created after analysing different factors and situations.

Any of your suggestion or comment is valuable and is completely accepted. We will appreciate your suggestion and thought. Please comment out below.