Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Episode 1 Releases Date, Cast, Plot and Other

Will there be a Season 3 of Kamisama Kiss? There was no confirmation of a third season of the Kamisama Kiss anime until now. For fans, the wait has felt interminable ever since the season 2 finale aired.

However, rest assured that the wait will be worthwhile once you witness firsthand how far we’ve come in the past two years.

When the show gets revived, you can all sit down and watch the next season together and gush over how awesome it is.

Kamisama Kiss Season 3 Episode 1

This 2012 anime featured the extraordinary tale of the god Izanagi and his wife Izanami. The second season ended in 2016.

Many fans of the show are sad that the story of Nanami and Tomoe has ended, because they really liked the chemistry between the two leads.  Thus, a third season is not completely out of the question.

Kamisama Kiss is a fantastic, touching, and funny account about a couple’s journey through life together. Nanami and Tomoe are two people destined to meet each other.


What is the Release Date of Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

Kamisama Kiss hasn’t had a new episode in a very long time. Many viewers are eagerly awaiting news of Season 3.

Unfortunately, we have no updates on the development or release of Kamisama Kiss Season 3.

The third season of Kamisama Kiss has been renewed, as reported by TheBitsNewsz, albeit the release date is not specified.

What Is The Storyline Of Kamisama Kiss

She lost her family home because of her father’s financial woes, and her name is Nanami Momozono.

As she aimlessly strolled through the park, she witnessed a man being chased by dogs and subsequently terrified.

He appeared so frightened that he leapt onto the pole. After Nanami helped save him, the man told her his home’s location as thanks.

When she asked if she could stay for free, he said she could. To Nanami’s detriment, he was an Earth Dirty who had conned his way into giving her his seal.

This seal now permanently ties Nanami to Tomoe. Since Tomoe is a familiar of the Fox, Nanami must carry out her responsibilities and help Tomoe manage the shrine.

What are the Fans Expecting from Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

In the final moments of Kamisama Kiss, Tomoe and Nanami tied the knot. Tomoe decided to become a human so that he could spend the rest of his life with Nanami.

Kamisama Kiss season 3 is not coming out for quite some time, therefore we don’t know what will happen. However, viewers are eager to watch how Tomoe and Nanami’s marriage is progressing.

What Is The Plot Of Kamisama Kiss?

Throughout the anime’s plot, we follow the main character, Nanami, who has a tough time of it due to her father’s ineptitude and propensity for gambling.

A day comes when Nanami and her father are evicted because the former has run out of money and can no longer afford the rent. She is pursued by debt collectors.

Nanami, helpless and clueless as to what to do, goes into hiding and eventually takes to street life. She stops to rescue a man who is being chased by a dog one day.

Through the course of the programme, Nanami discovers that the man’s name is Mikage, and that he is a local Earth deity.

When the man finds out Nanami’s backstory, he gives her all of his heavenly abilities and she must learn to juggle her newfound status with her old one.


Unique characters in the 2012 supernatural rom-com anime gained a wide audience. Additionally, the tale portrayed varying intensities of romance and related challenges.

Fans, on the one hand, have begun reading the manga in order to find out what happens in season 2.

Yet there are many who have yet to see Kamisama Kiss Season 3. In 2015, on March 30th, the second season came to a close.