Joycelyn Savage: Where is She Now in 2022

One of the many surprising disclosures in R. Kelly’s fiancee Joycelyn Savage’s new book, “Love and Joy of Robert,” is that she is pregnant.

The 26-year-old mother-to-be claims in her short tell-all, only 11 pages long and available on Amazon as of Friday. That she learned she was pregnant months after disgraced R&B singer-songwriter Robert Sylvester Kelly sent an engagement ring to her home.

Joycelyn Savage: Where is She Now in 2022

The day after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking.

Months later, I experienced what I thought was severe morning sickness but was actually just worried about because I didn’t know what was wrong with my body.

“I assumed I had contracted COVID-19, but the most astounding news of all was that I was expecting,” Savage writes in the book.

It was a joyful occasion, but also a void in my life. I want to thank God for the most priceless gift he has given me today.

Robert is overjoyed by the news that I’m pregnant but is disappointed that he can’t be here to celebrate with us.


R. Kelly’s Lawyer Shoots down Joycelyn Savage’s Claim That She’s Expecting Singer’s Baby

Joycelyn Savage, who is launching a book about her relationship with the jailed musician R. Kelly, has claimed in interviews that she is pregnant with Kelly’s child. She claimed that Kelly had given her permission to use a sonogram in the book Love and Joy of Robert.

They are overjoyed to become parents, she stated in the announcement. Since Kelly was 19 years old, she’s been with her.

Her parents claim she is a member of a sex cult and is under the singer’s influence and manipulation. Savage claims that she and Kelly are together only on their own merit and that Kelly’s parents are out to take advantage of him.

The Lifetime documentary series Surviving R. Kelly provided some insight into their connection. Kelly’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, disputes Savage’s assertions.

Reports that Joy is publishing a tell-all memoir or that she is pregnant by R. Kelly are completely false. People really are crazy. She tweeted, “Keep going.”

Joycelyn Savage Says R. Kelly’s Laywer was Unaware She did IVF

Savage maintains that she is carrying the disgraced R&B singer’s child despite Bonjean’s denial. In a recent interview, she added, “I’m extremely excited,” as reported by The Jasmine Brand.

In addition, she explains that the IVF procedures were kept under wraps. Before he went to jail, his counsel didn’t know it.

I had been informed I couldn’t have children, so Robert and I decided to try in vitro fertilisation. We put that on hold when he went to jail, and I had my eggs frozen until I was ready.

She claims that Kelly’s attorney has asked her to think about having the pregnancy terminated now that she is expecting.

This news broke at the same time as Kelly’s first criminal prosecution in Brooklyn.

The Singer is Currently in his Second Criminal Trial for sex Abuse this Year

Regarding his future paternity, Kelly has been silent. To all appearances, he is too preoccupied with his own court case to pay attention.

In August of 2022, he faced criminal charges for the second time that year. New sex assault allegations have been filed against him.

And jurors will be shown sex films that purportedly feature underage girls. Kelly insists he is completely blameless.


Joycelyn Savage, R. Kelly’s fiancee and the woman widely assumed to be his victim, has suddenly revealed some shocking news: she is, in fact, pregnant with the singer’s child.

In her forthcoming book, Joycelyn explains that she discovered she was pregnant after the disgraced artist sent her an engagement ring.

Kelly, she claims, is “very pleased about the news,” though she adds that he hopes he could be present at the birth of their child.

The major flaw is that she never explains how she and R. Kelly conceived the child, despite R. Kelly being in jail for nearly a year.