James Charles Kicked Out of Met

James Charles may not be well-known to you, so allow me to briefly introduce him. He is a well-known celebrity makeup artist who has amassed wealth through YouTube and social media. He is one of the new breed of “famous individuals” known as influencers.

This group makes use of social media to promote a good or service in an effort to get other people to follow them or purchase it.

James Charles Kicked Out of Met

Perhaps you’re unsure what the Met Gala is. A-list celebrities who are supporting the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City are among the attendees. This year, $15 million in total was raised.

Rumor has it that this Vogue-organized event is one of the hardest to enter. Additionally, there is a waiting list.


Why, then, was James Charles inside the structure?

When he discovered he had been invited, he was shocked. He is knowledgeable with the subtleties of mixing with celebrities. He was the first man to speak on behalf of the firm. He isn’t well recognised for that, though.

A well-known influencer As a result, everyone was furious, even me. I’m mostly drawn to the clothing when I go to a high-fashion event like the Met Gala. I don’t think James Charles is actually a high-end brand.

Later that evening, Charles tweeted, “Oh yes, I’m at the Met Gala:’). Oh know, go home, and “Your clothing is so terrible,” among other remarks from users,

He expressed gratitude to YouTube and Alexander Wangny for inviting him and dressing him appropriately for his first-ever met gala. I’m ecstatic to be a part of the ball since going to such a prestigious event is an honour and moves influencer representation in the media in the correct way. “Video is coming soon! Check it out tomorrow!

At this point, the rage really started to fester.

“Oh, okay. The editor of Out magazine, Fran Tirado, claims that “influencers” are a historically oppressed and underprivileged class.

He believed he was an underrepresented voice in the media, which shocked me. It was rude to other people who had worked hard in the fashion industry and developed their careers to even be twice considered for the Met Gala invitation list to have some YouTuber feel sorry for himself.

It’s also important to note that he wore absolutely inappropriate dress for such a sophisticated event. This year’s Met Gala, which has a different theme every year, was about camp. It would be ludicrous to compare his Coachella outfit to his Met Gala suit. The experience of Coachella is entirely different from that of the Met Gala.

The fallout from Charles’ actions was so severe that it led to a number of other disasters. Charles’ former mentor Tati Westbrook just posted a video on her YouTube account. She screams endlessly about Charles’ entire career and the reason he is currently “cancelled” for the duration of the roughly 40-minute video.

Final Words

The release of the video caused Charles to lose about three million YouTube subscribers, which is a considerable loss for someone whose entire existence depends on the platform.