J. Ilardi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

At age four, Jake Ilardi’s grandmother gave him his first skateboard, and ever since then, he has been completely devoted to the sport.


J. Ilardi Career

Other skateboarders, such as fellow Floridian, USA teammate, and park legend Zion Wright, or Nyjah Huston, a global icon and brand unto himself, seem to need the spotlight as most people do oxygen, but he prefers to stay in the background.

J. Ilardi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

“I’ve just always liked skating, as far back as I can remember,” said Ilardi, who beat out handrail magician Jamie Foy to become the third and final qualifier for the United States’ three-rider deep men’s street team. The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do with my life is skateboard, so I’m proud to represent the United States of America here.

When Ilardi is out and about, be it at a street spot or on the courses, he never goes about his business without his headphones in. He prefers to speak little and let his skating do the talking, yet his skating frequently speaks volumes.

J. Ilardi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Ilardi, who is at home on anything from vert ramps to park bowls to the uneven pavement of the street, has incurred some minor injuries but nothing serious. In the harsh world of street riding, with its rails and enormous gaps over stair sets, shattered bones are about as common as landed tricks, but nobody was hurt.

Ilardi says he spent a lot of time preparing for the competition. He is not one to wing things, but with the extra time that the pandemic year has given him, the new course at the Ariake Urban Sports Park on the beaches of Tokyo Bay could be his to dominate.

Yes, Ilardi sees that aspect of skateboarding, but he also sees another. He is a man to be wary of when the tournaments begin in Tokyo because of his reputation for appearing at them seemingly out of nowhere, from off in the shadows he favours.

Ilardi turned pro in 2020 after seeing success in the skateboarding world.

Last Words

Ilardi’s time at the 2020 Olympics is concluded, but he is already planning for the future.

He expressed his eagerness to continue his voyage and explore where it would take him on his skateboard in a post to one of his social media accounts. It’s been great meeting you, and I hope to see you in 2024. Thanks for reading our article J. Ilardi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.