Its Called Best Gazpacho

This past week, I received an email from Esmeralda in Madrid, telling me how hot the summers there are and how using the oven is strictly prohibited. A creamy salmorejo from southern Spain—which gets hotter than Madrid, she noted—is what she’s been whipping up for the last few days.

However, I have cooked the gazpacho recipe below, a favourite of the New York Times Cooking team for many years. To hear the word “gazpacho” uttered on a hot day is pure ecstasy.

Its Called Best Gazpacho


The Best Gazpacho

Although “best” is a strong claim to make in a recipe title, this gazpacho warrants it. During a reporting trip to Seville, Spain Julia Moskin learnt how to create this version, which she calls a “purist approach:

a blitz of tomato, cucumber, green pepper, garlic, and a lot of olive oil.” OK? Don’t cut corners on the oil. This is a small, early-dinner meal that includes a substantial salad and some bread.

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How to Make This Dish.

It’s hard for me to choose between spaghetti al limone and anything else because of the cream in it (the lemon flavour that suffuses it).

Shrimp are added to Lidey Heuck’s rendition of the Italian classic, which is enriched by butter and Parmesan rather than cream.

I’d prefer to eat this on the beach, but it’ll do just well on my dining room table.

Mahi ba Somagh, Number Three (Sumac Roasted Fish)

The sumac and turmeric, orange and lime are all that’s needed to make this delicious Iranian fish dish by Naz Deravian.

Whole fish that has been butterflied is required for this recipe (or ask a fishmonger to prepare for you). However, a mildly flavoured fillet might be a good substitute in this case.

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Dry-Brined Chicken Breasts are the Fourth Item on the List.

Eric Kim’s brining process has given chicken breasts a new lease on life. It goes well with a salad, grains, or just about anything else you can think of.

Instead of using whole peppercorns, you can use some ground pepper in place of the bay leaves if you don’t have access to a spice grinder (or mortar and pestle).