Italian Mixed Doubles Curling Team 2022

Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner continued Italy’s unbeaten Olympic curling run by defeating Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten 8-5 in the mixed doubles final to bring home the country’s first-ever Olympic curling medal.

The Italian duo were nearly flawless and dominated the final to exact revenge for their quarterfinal loss to Norway in the World Cup.

Italian Mixed Doubles Curling Team 2022


Italian Mixed Doubles Curling Team 2022

When Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner beat Norway 8-5 in the Mixed Doubles Gold Medal final on Tuesday night, they made Olympic history as the first Italian curling winners.

The Italian pair capped off a great week with their performance, as they were undefeated throughout their whole 11-game schedule thanks to this triumph.

Norway, though, jumped up to an early lead after Constantini’s wide nudge attempt in the first end cost her team two points.

Italy tied the score with two points in the second end. In the third end, Norway’s Kristin Skaslien faced four Italian counters due to strong buildup play by the Italian women.

Skaslien played a rook and knocked three Italian stones off the board, leaving one in scoring position.

With this, Italy took the lead for the first time in the game, 3-2.

The Game Really Swung in the Fourth End.

When Skaslien arrived at the table, she was up against three Italian counters, and she tried to raise her own stone despite this.

The World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships got underway at the Sous-Moulin Sports Centre in Geneva, with victories for Italy and Scotland.

Stefania Constantini, the Olympic gold medalist, and Sebastiano Arman, the Italian national champion, will compete in Group A at the World Championships.

The two started off their season with a 10-3 win over Japan, and then they breezed through New Zealand 10-1 in just six ends.

Alina Paetz and Sven Michel, two local favourites, both won their first Group A matches, as well.

In their first match, the Swiss beat Norway by a score of 7-4. In their second match, they defeated Norway by a score of 9-4.

Group A’s Three Best Teams are Rounded Out by Denmark.

After beating Finland 7-5, Jasmin Lander and Henrik Holtermann tied South Korea 5-5.

Italy’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in curling was won by Stefania Constantini and Amos Mosaner in the final at Beijing’s National Aquatics Centre.

With a perfect record of 10 wins, including nine in the group stage and one in the semi-finals, the couple entered the final as heavy favourites despite having never won a gold medal match before.

By making it to the finals, Constantini and Mosaner not only became the first Italians to do so at the Games, but they also became the first Italian curling team to go unbeaten in the round robin.

Last Words

The game was decided in ends three and four, with Constantini and Mosaner snatching one and three, respectively, by the midway point to take a 6-2 advantage into the locker room. Thanks for reading our article Italian Mixed Doubles Curling Team 2022.