Is Water Skiing an Olympic Sport?

Whenever the average individual thinks of athletic events, the first thing that springs to mind is the Olympics. Each Olympic Games contains an average of 40 different sports, spanning the gamut from team to individual to aquatic to terrestrial competition. The Olympic Games do not include water skiing, though.

Water skiing tried multiple times to become an Olympic sport, but it only got as far as being a demonstration sport during the 1972 Olympics in Berlin.


Why Don’t the Olympics Include Water Skiing?

Unfortunately, Water Skiing does not match many of the IOC’s requirements for joining the Olympics. So even if sports enthusiasts and sports federations are trying to get it into the Olympics each year, the problem of Water Skiing is perennial.

Is Water Skiing an Olympic Sport?

Let’s examine in greater detail the arguments against water skiing’s inclusion in the Olympics:

1) Boat

The Olympic Committee has ruled out boat sports because they rely heavily on engine power. Sports in the Olympics are all man-based and require minimal equipment. Water skiing and car racing are two examples of motor-based Olympic games that represent a radical departure from Olympic heritage and would cost much too much to include.

2) The Boat Driver

A lot of the water skier’s success depends on the skill of the boat driver, and that’s too many moving parts. When the driver makes a mistake, it’s nearly hard to assess the sportsperson’s skill, and Water Skiing isn’t a team activity in which the performance of both the driver and the skier can be evaluated.

3) Judging

Those who sit on the bench of justice – Judging in water skiing is challenging. The driver, who has a major effect on the outcome, is immune to scrutiny. If all the skiers manage to get through the hurdles during their performance, it will be difficult to decide who did the best of the bunch.

4) Speed

Water skiing moves at such a breakneck pace that it can be difficult to keep up with the action. A judge’s ability to evaluate a skier’s performance could be compromised by a splash of water. An important factor for the IOC to consider is the boat’s top speed.

5) The Effect on the Environment

Gasoline-powered vehicles have a negative influence on the planet. In the event that Water Skiing is officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee, more money will be allocated to the sport, leading to an increase in the number of boats and the number of motors used on the water.