Is Dominik Mysterio Married? Relationship, Ex-Affair, and Much More

Dominik Mysterio has captured the public’s fascination ever since he made his WWE debut. As the son of WWE legend Rey Mysterio, expectations have always been high for him. While his professional life is well-documented, questions about his personal life are also rampant.

The most frequently asked one being: “Is Dominik Mysterio married?” This article aims to answer that question and provide a deeper look into his life, both in and out of the ring.


Is Dominik Mysterio Currently Married?

As of the latest available information in 2023, Dominik Mysterio is not married. Being relatively young and focusing on his burgeoning WWE career, he seems to be directing all his energy towards wrestling at the moment.

Dominik Mysterio Past Relationships and Affairs

Details about Dominik Mysterio’s past relationships are largely kept private, away from the media spotlight. Unlike many celebrities, he has managed to keep his personal life under wraps.

Dominik Mysterio A Brief Bio

Dominik Mysterio, born Dominik Gutierrez, entered the world on April 5, 1997. His father, Rey Mysterio, is a renowned WWE wrestler, and it was almost a foregone conclusion that Dominik would follow in his footsteps.

He formally debuted in WWE in 2020 and has since showcased a promising career trajectory, featuring in various high-profile matches and events.

Dominik Mysterio Height and Body Metrics

Dominik stands at 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) and weighs approximately 205 pounds (93 kg). His physical stats are quite impressive, reflecting the intense training he has undergone to perform at the top level in the WWE.

Dominik Mysterio Net Worth

Dominik Mysterio is still at the early stages of his career, so exact details about his net worth are not readily available. However, given his growing popularity and high-profile matches, it’s safe to say that he has lucrative earnings potential.

Dominik Mysterio In-Ring Achievements

Since his debut, Dominik has been involved in several high-stakes matches and storylines, often teaming up with or opposing his father, Rey Mysterio.

His notable moments include competing in the SummerSlam, Survivor Series, and various WWE Raw and SmackDown events. These accomplishments underscore his rising importance in WWE.

Dominik Mysterio Wrestling Style

Like his father, Dominik employs a high-flying, lucha libre style in his matches. He has impressed both fans and critics with his athleticism, agility, and his ability to perform complex wrestling maneuvers with aplomb.

Dominik Mysterio Family Legacy

Being the son of Rey Mysterio carries its own set of expectations and pressures. Yet, Dominik has shown a knack for carving out his own identity while honoring his family’s wrestling legacy. He often pays homage to his father by incorporating signature moves and wearing similar ring attire.

Dominik Mysterio Public Perception

Despite being a newcomer, Dominik has quickly amassed a sizable fan following. His sportsmanship and humble attitude have endeared him to WWE audiences worldwide. Though he is sometimes scrutinized due to his lineage, his performances consistently prove that he belongs in the wrestling world.


Is Dominik Mysterio married? The simple answer is no. He’s currently concentrating on building his wrestling career. Nevertheless, Dominik is far more than just an unmarried young man or Rey Mysterio’s son.

He is rapidly making a name for himself in the WWE, thanks to his wrestling skills, physical attributes, and ever-growing popularity. It will be interesting to see where his career takes him next.