Ireland is Betting on “Vaccine Passes” to Reopen Its Hospitality Industry

Ireland’s hospitability business had been in dire straits due to the pandemic raging the heart. But now they are slowly starting to open back up. There are certain restrictions that will be in place, but it is a move forward towards the normal direction.

Noel Anderson is a person of importance. He is the managing director of the Dublin restaurants Lemon & Duke and The Bridge 1859. As if that was not good enough, he is also known as the chair of the trade body. Its name being the Licensed Vintners Association.

Ireland is Betting on Vaccine Passes to Reopen Its Hospitality Industry

He told the media that on the very first days of reopening, the customers were preferring to opt for outdoor seating to indoors. He has trained his staff in the new protocols during the summer weather fading and the winter coming around.

“I firmly believe that in the period of two or three weeks, it will all be settled, and this shall be the new norm, hopefully, people will see it for what it is and not what they want it to be,” he said.

“This was a government initiative at the end of the day. This was not all driven home by the pubs, in fact, the LVA, which I’m the chairperson of, we did not want this to happen one bit,” he said.

“You have two choices. You can either choose to stay closed until September and far beyond that, or you can opt for this option where it is up to you to follow the rules, and you open. When you are closed for a period of over a year, or maybe more, you have got no real choice but to take the opportunities.”

“Owners do not have to keep a record of all, which will allow one to identify named persons and details of their vaccinations. Copies of any of the certificates or any kind of identification documents is not required either.  This is not required to meet the obligations and mandatory rules,” the DPC said.

“The DPC has also taken the time to make it clear that Covid-related legislation must bound in a certain period of time and limit itself to the pandemic.  This will act  as a safeguard in order to prevent the processing of personal data in a manner which can be taken as rude and inappropriate manner.” He said as in a conclusion statement.