What is the Best Way to Invest Money in 2022?

In 2021, people are actively investing in the growing tech, pharmaceutical, industrial, commodity, and cryptocurrency markets. Some investors are already thinking about where to invest in 2022. We have selected several promising assets that can show growth and bring good returns in the next decade.

What is the Best Way to Invest Money in 2022


1. Online Casino Industry

During the pandemic, the popularity of gambling platforms increased several times over. Millions of players in Canada, the U.S., and other countries around the world have started playing at online casinos or investing in the business. This is explained by the high profitability and the opportunity to earn fast money.

Specialists even started to create lists that help find the best payout online casino canada and other really profitable local gambling offers with bonuses. Most people prefer to play casino games themselves and earn real money this way.

However, others invest in special gambling funds, buy shares of famous casinos and open their own online gambling platforms. In a word, the casino niche has great potential, and in 2022 it will keep growing.

2. Gaming Industries

Video gaming industry stocks can be used to diversify your investment portfolio in 2022. For example, risky investors can look at developer Take Two Interactive, known for such hits as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead. Ubisoft is another popular name in the gaming industry.

This company is associated with famous products from the Assassins Creed series, For Honor, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy. Together with the boom of the video game world, such investments will not only pay off but also bring in a good income in the future.

In the game industry, you can invest not only in developer stocks. Many investors support companies that provide software to run video games. Such services include Amazon Web Services (AWS).

3. Bonds

Bonds are usually issued by government agencies. A country that wants to borrow money places bonds with 6-8%. If you buy bonds, it’s a pretty reliable way to earn in 2022 as well. The bonds themselves can be discounted in different circumstances.

If the issuer, country or city, has difficulties, the bonds can fall in value. If you buy a bond at such a moment, you can earn both the percent of dividends and the value of the bond if it goes up.

There is also a market for bonds that are issued by private companies. This is more profitable but riskier. If the company is doing well and growing, your bonds are secure. And if it’s not, your bonds could theoretically be illiquid.

4. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been the most profitable investment of the past decade. For example, in 2010, bitcoin was trading at $0.003 a piece, and this year its price reached $60,000. Experts advise considering cryptocurrencies as part of an investment portfolio, but keep in mind that this asset is very unpredictable, and therefore — risky.

Best Way to Invest Money

It is better to first understand all the nuances of the cryptocurrency market, read several books, and subscribe to well-known traders. Only when you understand all the processes of the cryptocurrency market can you make your first investments.

5. Modern Art

Works of art are one of the most profitable investments because their value can only grow. This is due to the fact that the works of young artists have a chance to skyrocket in value, and the works of famous masters like Picasso and Rembrandt are limited in number, so their value can only go up too.

Even the Covid crisis did not have much effect on the art market. It is better to invest in paintings made by famous contemporary artists actively engaged in exhibition activities. In the future, their work can be sold several times more expensive.


During active economic recovery after the coronavirus, traders recommend diversifying portfolios, including both risky and protective assets. In addition to the financial instruments listed in the article, investors should pay attention to the shares of various tech companies.

The medical sphere is also an interesting and promising option for investments. Shares of pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines have been growing particularly active over the past year.