International airlines suspend some US flights over 5G

There has been a recent update that shows that Airlines are having a lot of problems with the 5G network. This had been a matter of discussion for quite some point in time, and we are here to give you the latest about this 5G network and the problems that are being caused by it, which is a lot. This is why there had been major updates from the phone carriers as well as the other side of the people who are involved in the airline industry.

The fact that there had been talks about the coming suspension of a huge number of flights in the United States has ultimately come true. This is catastrophic at a level because lots of passengers are now stranded, and they can not get on flights, and the flights that are going to be running is having a lot of problems too because of the safety concerns of the flights.

International airlines suspend some US flights over 5G

We are really not ready to take on this at the moment. Verizon and AT&T had been planning to launch their brand new 5G network this Wednesday, the 19th of January. But now, they had suspended the activation of the 5G network towers near the prominent airports because of the hazard of the safety concerns.

The Airlines Emirates seem to be the most affected because they have canceled a lot of flights, and this goes without saying that this is a bad thing for the people and the Airlines.

We do not know how to solve the issue yet because we are not having or see any possible solution to that. President Biden had no other choice but to cancel all the activation processes of the 5G network towers.

The situation is not ideal, and the coming time will tell what will happen. That’s all that we have for now. We will keep you updated.