Inetpub Folder – What Is It and How To Delete It

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) has a default folder of Inetpub. The folder consists of website content and web apps. Due to the presence of the Inetpub folder, the content inside it is kept secured and organized. From one Inetpub folder, more than one domain can be served because of IIS.

A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to manage websites and associated users by Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS). The graphical user interface (GUI) gives a great feature from which you can do visual creating, configuring, and publishing sites on the web. Through the Inetpub folder, Internet Information Services collects information about connections to the webserver.

In the drive C:\Inetpub\logs\LogFiles directory, all the text files are stored by default. Inetpub has five subfolders: adminscripts, iisamples, mailroot, scripts, and wwwroot.

The adminscripts subfolder: This is one of the subfolder of the Inetpub folder.

For administration scripts it behaves as home. Due to which you can automate server administration tasks. Through the Inetpub folder, you can administer the website remotely.

The iissamples subfolder: Sample applications are associated with this subfolder. Hence, due to this iissamples subfolder, it is easy for developers to learn how the website works and web apps along with it.

The mailroot subfolder: This is another subfolder of the Inetpub folder that is used for processing the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service, which is an Internet standard for email transmission.

The scripts subfolder: Because of the scripts subfolder functionality is added to your website. Script subfolder also contains web applications.

The wwwroot subfolder: This is the last subfolder of the Inetpub. You will find all the web-related content and web pages in this subfolder, which will also be published on the web. Since it publishes web pages, It is also known as the default directory.


How To Delete Inetpub Folder On Windows 10

Step 1: Go to the Start Menu and search for Control Panel.

Step 2: Open Control Panel and click on Programs.

Step 3: Open it, in that there will an option under Programs “Turn Windows features on or off”, click on it.

Step 4: The window will open up with a list of Windows Features. Search for Internet Information Services feature.

Step 5: Now, uncheck that feature. Then click on OK, and changes are saved.

Step 6: Navigate to your C: drive.

Step 7: In that, you will find the Inetpub folder. Now, delete it.

Step 8: Right-click on the Inetpub folder and select Delete from the options.


You must have been struggling to delete the Inetpub folder from your device, but here we are with the best solution for you! It is very easy to delete the Inetpub folder from your device. By simply following some steps, you can get rid of that. Delete the Inetpub folder, and you are good to go.