How To Write A Check (Cheque) In Just A Few Easy Steps

Today we are going to talk about how to write a check. Writing a check isn’t difficult at all, but there are some things that you should take care of. Writing a check in an incorrect way will lead to writing a check again hence you must be aware of important points while writing a check. You should know about the different parts of the check and how to fill them in the correct ways.

You should also know about some tricks and tips that you must take care of while writing a check. We are also going to talk about how to use a check properly and how to balance your checkbook. Hence we are going to list such important things below. So just keep reading ahead about how to write a check for details.


How To Write A Check

It is very important to know how to fill out a check. You must read this if you haven’t written any checks yet. You should also read this if you have written checks because there are still some important points that help in avoiding frauds and chances are that you don’t know all of them.

There are many things in the check that needs to be fulfilled with correct information in the correct type. So if you haven’t filled a check before, don’t worry at all and keep reading ahead.

1. Account Holder & Address

You will notice at the top left-hand corner, the account holder’s name and address will be there.

2. Date

You will see the date column at the top right-hand corner. Usually, it is in the format of DD MM YYYY. You put the date there.

3. Payee

This is where you write the name of the whom you are paying through this check. You can also write the account holder’s name or even the business’s or organization’s name.

4. Numeric Amount

Usually, you write the amount in numeric that you want to pay on the right side of the check. You will notice a small box is given on the right side of the check. This small box is given for writing the amount in numeric.

5. Written Amount

It is very important to write the correct amount. So always pay extra attention when you are writing the amount that you want to pay. There is a line that says “rupees” in India and “pay to the order of” you need to write next to this line in other kinds of checks.

You need to write the amount in that line of Rupees in India. You need to write down the amount in words.

So if you are writing 2200 Rupees in written amount, then you need to write Two thousand Two Hundred Only. Writing in capital letters makes it very difficult for others to change it.

Hence you should always try to write the written amount in capital letters only. Let’s consider that you want to write $30 dollars so for this you need to write “Thirty Dollars Only”.

6. Memo

Memo is optional. So you can avoid filling the memo if you want. Filling the memo option is a good way to remember why you want to use this check. For example, if you are paying bills, you can write bills in a memo. Hence this will help you to remember that you want to use this check for paying the bills.

7. Signature

A check is valid until it gets signed. Hence for making a check valid, always remember to do your signature on the bottom right-hand corner. It is very important to do your signature there.

How To Properly Use A Check

Now we will know about how to properly use a check. Since you know about the boxes in the check and their uses. So now let’s know about how to properly use a check. This will help you to avoid any mistakes from happening.

1. Fill In All Information

The first tip is to fill in all the information. For a valid and smooth functioning of a check, it is very important to have it completely fulfilled with correct information in respective boxes. The thing that you need to take care of is that you write in a neat and clean way.

You should write the correct information regarding each box. Double-check firstly what you are going to write in the check.

2. Sign The Check

You need to sign the check for making it valid. Always remember that a check with all correct information and without the signature remains invalid. Hence you need to sign the check. Another tip is to always sign the check with the same signature that is on your banking.

3. Record In Your Checkbook Register

You also need to record that check in your checkbook register. It is a very important step. You need to put the date, cheque no, payee address or name, withdrawal, deposit, and balance of the check. Recording in your checkbook register helps you in keeping the records of the checks at one place.

Hence you can process and understand all the records of the checks prepared by you in an easy way.

How To Balance Your Checkbook

Now we will know about how to balance a checkbook. So now let’s know about how to properly balance a checkbook. This will help you to avoid any mistakes from happening.

1. Fill It Out As Your Transactions Happen

As said earlier, whenever you fill a check immediately record it in your checkbook. It will help you in understanding all your transactions related to check in one place. In case if you forget about any transaction then you can check your checkbook register for it.

Hence it is an easy and efficient way for recording all your transactions in one place for any future work.

2. Record The New Account Balances

You also need to record the new account balances. It will help you to avoid any confusion regarding funds or related to checks. Hence always remember to record the new account balances.

3. Verify Against Your Online Banking View Or Mailed Monthly Bank Statement

For balancing your checkbook, you need to verify against your online view or mailed a monthly bank statement. This should be done for avoiding any problems in the future.

4. Resolve Any Discrepancies As Soon As You Notice Them

Balancing the checkbook helps you in avoiding any discrepancies. In case, if any discrepancies occur, balancing the checkbook helps you in knowing about them within time.

So you can resolve them within time in order to avoid any complications. So the tip is if you ever notice any discrepancies then you need to resolve it as soon as possible. Sometimes discrepancies happen, so don’t panic instead try to resolve it.

5. Repeat On A Regular Schedule

You need to make a habit of reviewing your checks after a month or after two weeks every month. This will help you in knowing about all the transactions and also it will help you in noticing any fault information. Checking the checkbooks on a regular schedule will help you to detect any mistake and hence you can resolve it within time.

Tips and FAQs

Can I Use a Pencil to Write a Check?

You should never use a pencil to write a check. As we know we can erase pencils easily, hence taking the risk of writing with a pencil in a check is something you must avoid. Pencil writing can be erased and can be filled with false information.

Hence the tip is to always use a pen while filling any check. Another tip is to write in capital letters while filling a check. Writings in capital letters will help you in avoiding any fraud with the check.

Can I Leave Parts of the Check Blank?

Always try to fill all the parts of a check. In case you don’t want to fill all parts of the check, you can leave the box of memos unfilled. Other than the memo, every part of the check needs to be fulfilled with correct information.

Can I Use a Check as Cash?

Most of the time, you can’t use a check as cash. Exceptions are always there but mostly you can’t use a check as cash. You can cash your check through the bank and then use it for paying.

Does My Signature Matter? Does Anyone Check that?

Yes, your signature matter. Signature is a very important thing nowadays. Hence always use your signature and never try to misuse it. Large amounts of cash values need signature verification. Hence now you know that signature matters.

Do I Need a Driver’s License Number or Phone Number on My Check to be Valid?

This is required in some banks and in some banks, it is not required. Although it is useful to have a driver’s license or phone number, it is not in use in all parts of a country.

What Does it Mean to Void a Check? How Do I Void a Check?

Voiding a check means that the check can’t be used for withdrawal or for payment. Voiding a check is as simple as writing VOID in bold and capital letters on the top of your checks. You can void a check when you no longer want to use it.

Hence a void check can’t be used for payment or for withdrawal. So voiding a check helps in avoiding the misuse of checks when no longer in use.

Is a “Check Card” from My Bank the Same Thing as Using a Check?

Yes, a check card can be used as a check. The major difference is that a check card saves your time and it is efficient when compared to checks. You don’t need to fill it and hence it saves your time. Another benefit of using a check card is that it is easy to carry also.


I hope that now you have learned the steps for filing a check in the correct manner. Now you know that writing a check isn’t difficult at all. The thing is that we must know about the check before filling it. It is always useful to know about the important things that should be kept in mind.

It is recommended to know about these things before filling any check in order to avoid any mistakes. I have tried to present all the details about how to write a check. Please recommend us anything if you think we have missed anything regarding how to write a check.