In 2022, there will be many social networks where creators can publish their content and earn money. Twitter is one of the old platforms that are already a bit forgotten by some people. However, this social network should not be written off. Today we will talk about why it is still relevant and how to promote your blog in it.

Use Other Social Networks

We understand that you probably want to focus on working on Twitter, but it’s impossible right now to be successful on one social network without using others. You can boost all your blogs at the same time with mentions and links.

Promote Your Blog On Twitter

For example, when you buy followers on Twitter, you can immediately tell new readers that you have blogs on other platforms. Also, when you promote Instagram or TikTok, mention the blog on Twitter. This will help you maximize your audience across all platforms.

But be prepared for the fact that on different platforms, you will have slightly different audiences. It differs in age and some characteristics. For example, there are older people on YouTube and Twitter and teenagers and students on TikTok.


The universal advice is to make quality content and wait for users to become interested in it and share it. However, it takes a lot of skills to create interesting and useful content. For example, Twitter has a character limit, so you need to be able to fit your thoughts into 140 characters.

It is also worth understanding that simple text posts quickly bother users, and they want to see variety. In order to satisfy this need of people, you need to attach photos, videos, links, and gifs to posts. Only in this way will you be interesting to your audience for a long time.

Of course, you need to buy Twitter followers to gain popularity faster, but after this action, you must demonstrate something to this audience. Make unique and creative posts so as not to lose new readers and attract new ones.

Subscribe To Everyone

In this social network, this method still works. Most authors with several thousand followers have about the same number of accounts they follow. This makes it easier to get into the community of people from the same niche and meet other creators.

You can subscribe to interesting bloggers or even your readers, regardless of their popularity. This will allow you to get closer to your audience and build a trusting relationship with them.

It seems to many that it is very difficult to view the feed when it contains posts from several thousand users. However, this is not so scary. You don’t have to read and comment on them all. It is enough to be active and interact with other creators selectively.


Despite the emergence of many new social networks, Twitter is still a relevant platform. If you make every effort to promote your blog, you can achieve success on this network in a short time.