How to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most used social media websites for engaging with customers and driving sales for a business. There’s hardly any successful company that doesn’t have its Twitter handle.

Due to a large number of people active on this platform, it has made it easy for the companies to share updates regarding their products and services quickly. Thus, we can’t deny that social media followers play an important role in determining a company’s worth.

How to Get More Twitter Followers


How to Get More Twitter Followers

Many businesses even indulge to buy Twitter followers to increase engagement on Twitter. It works sometimes as with more following, new customers will also be attracted towards your brand. However, if you are looking to grow organically on Twitter, we are here with a guide to help you get more Twitter followers:

1. Be Consistent With Your Tweets

Twitter is a huge platform for voicing opinions, sharing things. Every day, people share several things ranging from things about their business, or something peculiar they came across, or just pictures that mean something to them. Basically, a plethora of content is thrown at Twitter users. So, to stay relevant at all times, you need to be one among them.

But being consistent shouldn’t be confused with posting continuously. That can put off people and they might unfollow your page. You need to set a rhythm and decide on a frequency to post content regularly.

2. Be Creative But Relatable

Wonder why meme pages get so many followers without them trying hard for it? Because they post funny but relatable content which allows people to laugh at situations they have experienced in life. Nothing works better for people than something they can relate to on a personal level.

While making relatable content, you have to ensure that it should be too common. Use your wit and creativity to create a different kind of content as in this world where everyone copies every other trend, people are looking for originality. If needed, hire a content creator or social media marketer who will help you with it.

3. Include Your Twitter Handle Everywhere

If you have created content on other social networking websites, chances are you already have a good following on those websites. However, building something from scratch on Twitter can be overwhelming and might take some time. One of the ways to ease the work is by inviting your old followers to follow you on Twitter.

You can do this by including your Twitter handle on your Instagram, Facebook as well as email signature so people will easily find you. You can also share your tweets in picture form on these platforms and add your Twitter handle in its caption.

4. Pin Your Best Tweets

The first thing people do when they find your Twitter is going through your profile. If you have tweeted something that got good attention and was really appreciated in the past, you should pin it on your profile. It is a good tactic to get more Twitter followers.

People like to be associated with something that is appreciated by a larger public. By mentioning your best tweets, you ultimately show how valuable you are to them and encourage them to follow you without asking them to do so.

5. Conduct and Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter is a huge platform to hold discussions on a variety of topics. Many big business houses conduct Twitter chats wherein people engage in debates, creative polls, questions, and answers. This creates huge engagement and sometimes even makes trending topics on Twitter.

If your brand isn’t big enough to attract huge people for a Twitter chat, you can always participate in the hosted by other big businesses of your niche. It will help you in meeting people who are interested in your niche and is an amazing way of self-promotion as people always check out your profile if your response is interesting.

6. Engage With Other People

Engaging with other people here refers to replying to other people’s tweets that are related to your niche. Apart from that, retweet the tweets where you have been mentioned. People feel valued when a company they have been following mentions them.

Get More Twitter Followers

This creates great engagement and helps in keeping you on top of your followers feed. The easiest way to ensure that people follow you is by engaging with other people regularly. You can also host a question-answer night for your followers, to ask for their preferences and respond to their queries.


Growing organically on Twitter is a crucial but difficult task. You have to be on top of all important trends all the time. But it can be done once you understand how the metrics work on Twitter. In fact, if you use the right tools and techniques, you can actually garner more attention and customers via Twitter than by any traditional method. All you need to do is be consistent with your approach.