How to Create an Invoice (Step-By-Step Guide)

How do you run a company if you don’t have any invoices? No, it’s not true. It isn’t true. You appreciate the value of invoicing whether you own a company or work as a freelancer.

To accept the amount due and have it cleared, you must invoice your customers and clients. The definition of an invoice is a payment request sent by the supplier that lists the goods or services provided to the buyer.

This helps to eliminate any more inconsistencies, but many entrepreneurs find invoicing a time-consuming process that they would like to be done automatically. As a result, online tools such as invoice generators aid in simplifying and streamlining his operation.

In this article, we’ll learn more about invoice generators and how to use them to generate invoices.



WeInvoice is the best invoicing software available. You can use this app to keep track of your company, finances, and time. Invoicing can be a time-consuming, repetitive, and expensive operation. To save money, some companies employ an accountant to manage all of their invoicing, while others outsource accounting and bookkeeping services.


Both of these alternatives have certain flaws. Hiring an accountant, for example, will increase the total cost of running your company. Outsourcing accounting services, on the other hand, is always an expensive choice, and the confidentiality of your company records can be jeopardized.

So, what are your other options? WeInvoice has a solution for all of your invoicing issues. This is the last and only WeInvoice summary you’ll ever need to read.

The Most Reliable Invoice-Generation Method

Let’s take a look at the simplest way to generate an invoice using this solution. Simply follow these steps to generate as many invoices as you like.

Part 1: How to Register

To use WeInvoice’s services, go to their website and build an account. This section is optional. However, making an account unlocks a slew of benefits.

By entering your full name and email address, you may choose to sign up. To skip the whole logging-in procedure, you can simply log in via your Gmail account.

Part 2: Choose an Invoice Template

You’ll find hundreds of invoice templates if you click the Create an Invoice button. Select a template that meets your needs and press the Customize button. Another alternative is to use advanced tools to build a new template.

However, customizable models are recommended because they save you time and effort.

Part 3: Create an Invoice

In this section, you will create the invoice by entering all of the necessary details. To make it look professional, start by mentioning your company name and logo. Then, to make it available to all parties, use the date and customer details portion.

You may enter the product, definition, quantity, cost, charge, discount, and other information in the main section. Connect several things to the invoice and finish it off by adding payment terms.

You can expand the upper section or add a new one to your invoice if you want to provide more detail.

Tip: If you need a lot of customization, make a separate template that you can use for potential invoicing.

Part 4: Print, Email, or Download Your Invoice

Your invoice is now ready for distribution to the other group. To keep a record, you can either download the invoice to your computer or upload it to your online account.

You may, on the other hand, print the invoice and give it to your customers in hard copy. You can also deliver the invoice to your customers’ email addresses by emailing it to them. You can submit it directly from your WeInvoice account online, so you don’t need to use an email service.

What Are the Advantages of Using an Invoice Generator?

The following are some of the advantages of using an invoice generator:

1. Simplify your efforts

When you first use WeInvoice’s invoice generator, you’ll see a blank invoice with few columns. Fill in all pertinent details, such as the company’s name, invoice number, product and service names, and so on. The app will save the information for future use, and it will retrieve the necessary data when you want to submit the invoice again. Instead of entering your information every time you send an email, this will save you a lot of time and effort.

2. Personalized Format

There is a predefined format for the invoice generator. Is that to say you can’t change it or tailor it for each client? Without a doubt. You may change the headings and remove any unnecessary information. This would eliminate any more inconsistencies or misunderstandings.

3. Publish your invoice on the internet

How to Create an Invoice

Are you worried about submitting your invoice in hard copy? Don’t be concerned. WeInvoice’s invoice generator allows you to send an invoice directly via email, as a PDF attachment, or by copying the connection to your invoice and sending it to your customer/client.

Another advantage of using this app to create invoices is that the view adjusts to both mobile and desktop screens. You won’t have to annoy your client or customer with a reminder because the app would handle the uncomfortable billing for you.

Final Thoughts

The independent invoice is one of the most important documents to use if you are self-employed and conduct project-based activities. It’s important to keep track of the payments you need to collect when you move from one customer to the next and also manage several projects at the same time.

That’s where an effective independent business invoice template, such as the one generated by WeInvoice, can come in handy. You’ll also find other useful models and invoice generators on the website, all of which you can use to keep your company running smoothly.