How Ronan Farrow Spends Sundays

He remarked, “I suppose the phrase you’re going for is ’90s boy band'” when asked about growing out his hair, which is generally manicured to a State Department-ready length. “It wasn’t meant to be, yet it appears to be.”

He’s been working on a number of remix projects lately, including the HBO documentary series “Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes,” which premieres on Monday, based on his podcast and book.

“War on Peace,” Mr. Farrow’s 2018 book about the demise of American diplomacy, was updated last month. During the pandemic, Mr. Farrow and his fiancee, podcaster Jonathan Lovett, stayed in Connecticut with his mother, Mia Farrow, for six months



It’s Fishy Out There!

The smelliest smoked fish I can get my hands on, preferably prepared using a Scandinavian recipe that needs it to be buried beneath a rock for six months, is something I’ll often do in the late morning if I’m not on frantic reporting calls until 3 a.m., as is occasionally the case on Saturday night. That’s what I’m into.

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MOM, Thank You!

Cottage cheese with King Oscar brisling sardines was my go-to snack when I was little. Brislings are more compact than nonbrislings.

My mom’s strange munching habits have influenced my own. Then when reporting, I continue to do it. Jonathan has a fit over this.

Tolstoy’s Choice

When I’m not working, the weekend schedule is pretty much the same as it is during the week. Reading and playing video games have taken the place of the frantic writing. I’m a huge nerd that enjoys playing video games.

On my phone, I can read books. The tiniest amount of foresight required to use a tablet is something I lack.

After purchasing the Audible package, I connect it up with my phone so that I can deal with panic attacks over my lack of knowledge in some areas.

It went something like this: “Awww, I’ve barely read any Russian literature!” As a teenager, I was obsessed with Franz Kafka. With half of “Anna Karenina” read by Maggie Gyllenhaal behind me, it’s time for me to move on. That’s a long one.

Difference In The Set

I’ve always been a New Yorker at heart. Upper West, followed by five years in that 10th Avenue no-land man’s right above Hell’s Kitchen while I was a news anchor at Rock Center in Midtown and had to be there.

Upper West, Upper West. My apartment was located near a number of automobile dealerships.

In the meantime, I’m putting up my new flat and touring the Lower East Side, which is quite young and straight and snobby. Regardless, I felt that a change of scenery was in order.

Scholarship Chick

It’s not uncommon for me to begin decorating a new space with the look and feel of an old-fashioned college dorm room. My doctorate from Oxford University took seven long years to complete.

As a result, you’ll never forget that you’re at Hogwarts. In addition, the view from my dorm room was of the botanic gardens, where the bench from “His Dark Materials” played an important role in the story.

As a result of these events, it appears that I now have a fondness for old libraries. A Victorian explorer’s lodge came to mind when Jonathan saw the astrolabes and books I had assembled. Why?”

Gay people living in the area “make it gayer,” he says. There have been some compromises recently: A Jonathan Adler sequined rainbow has replaced the previous map, which was a brown motorcycle-leather couch.

The Material Son

An 8-by-10-inch glossy photo of Madonna in a bra-baring pose that came with a letter she sent to me when I was six years old will undoubtedly find a home in my new digs.

As a child, Madonna taught me how to roll down her fishnet stockings on a film set in Queens, where she was portraying a trapeze artist alongside my mother and I.

She still hadn’t had children at that point, but it was obvious that she want to have children.

Smelly Fish to Raw Eggs

The Evolution of Taste Perhaps I’m putting off individuals from work and law school who would otherwise stick out with me longer by immediately ordering bitter cocktails featuring entire, foamy eggs these days.

They can brew a historical citrusy drink with an egg yolk and Cholula in a shot glass at Raines Law Room near Flatiron, specifically. The egg, not the gin, is the most significant component of this cocktail.

Protein In Liquid For Injection

With that in mind, having a full egg in your drink feels like a time saver after you have done your at-home smart gym thing and then rushed straight to Raines’s without having eaten dinner before. Some sort of compromise

Let The Games Begin

So, in other words, the video gaming phenomenon is, in fact, a genuine thing. The most of the time, I’m playing on my phone rather than reading on it.

Before you go to sleep, this is especially the case. Just about to wrap up Disco Elysium, an overly wordy role playing game set in a disco-themed Soviet era world. I’m also a big fan of Mario Kart.

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Satisfaction Of Cravings

Jonathan, on the other hand, claims that when I’m under pressure, I hammer away on my obnoxiously loud MacBook keyboard, scribbling late into the night.

I order a lot of takeout on Sunday nights. On UberEats the other night, I ordered a large container of beet juice and non-saucy chicken wings.

I’ll eventually be able to get four hours of uninterrupted sleep, from early morning to late afternoon.