How Long Do Cats Live – Lifespan of Indoor and Outdoor Cat

Cats are wonderful creatures who enjoy life to the fullest. But what is the average lifespan of a cat?

Have you ever given this any thought? Many investigations were undertaken on this topic in order to estimate a cat’s typical lifespan. I’ve attempted to summarise all of the information on a cat’s lifespan in this post.

We must consider a number of factors in order for our cat to live a long and healthy life, including the environment, diet, and health.

We will answer practically all of the questions that pet owners may have, starting with simple inquiries like what diet should I feed my cat? There are too many more complicated problems, such as what should I do if my cat isn’t feeling well? Or a cat’s typical life expectancy? Keep an eye out!



What Is the Average Life Expectancy of Cats?

What is the average lifespan of my cat? is a common concern that crosses a cat owner’s mind.

The cat’s lifespan can be extended by maintaining proper environmental conditions, food, and vaccination schedules. Female cats should be sterilised before having their first litter, which occurs at the age of six months.

This will protect cats from a variety of hazardous ailments, resulting in a healthy cat lifetime. According to several bloggers and internet sites, cats can live up to 20 years or longer depending on how well they are cared. A domesticated cat can live up to 15.1 years, according to them.

When determining a cat’s longevity, many other aspects are taken into account. One such influence could be the cat’s breed. Do you have a purebred or mixed breed cat?

According to studies, a mixed breed cat’s average lifespan is longer than a pure breed cat’s, while a male cat’s longevity is less than a female cat’s. A cat that hunts and lives in the wild lives a shorter life than a domesticated cat.

Indoor Cats: How Long Do They Live?

Yes, this is fantastic news for all pet owners who adore their cats more than themselves. Your pet cat will live longer than a feral cat roaming the streets of your community with no one to care for it. This could be attributed to a number of factors. Among them are the following:-

They will not be threatened by wild creatures or become a tasty meal for another animal.
They are immunised on a regular basis, which extends their lifespan. When they aren’t feeling well, they are also carefully taken care of.

As a pet owner, make sure your cat doesn’t overeat and exercises regularly to avoid health problems. Many research have been done on this as well, and it has been determined that the average life expectancy of indoor cats is 16.875 years.

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of Outdoor Cats?

When it comes to outdoor cats, there’s no way of knowing how long they’ll be able to survive in the wild. Outdoor has different connotations depending on where people reside.

Any non-domesticated cat might be classified as an outdoor cat. This is dependent on your location. If you live in a city, a cat roaming the streets in your neighbourhood is also considered an outdoor cat.

Assume you’re a tribe living in the wild, and you come across a wild cat while walking the forest. An outdoor cat is defined as any stray or abandoned cat. These kitties have a hard time surviving.

Because of their exposure to the environment, they are susceptible to a variety of ailments. They come into contact with flies, ticks, and other pests, which shorten their lives.

Fights are another typical element that shortens the lives of these cats. They are also prone to mishaps and are frequently killed in fights.

However, there are some advantages to being an outdoor cat that outweigh the disadvantages. Because of the restricted food supply and exercise provided by hunting, these cats are rarely obese. Overall, research have found that an outdoor cat’s typical life expectancy is around ten years.

What is a Cat’s Average Lifespan?

You may have personal experience with the length of time your pet cat has survived.

Many people believe my cat has always been feral; it goes missing for months and then reappears, despite the fact that it has lived for 15 to 16 years. Yes, as previously said, this can happen depending on their breed and a variety of other variables.

Many cats have set world records, and one such record can be found in The Guinness Book of World Records, which lists the oldest cat as “a cat who died in Austin, Texas, at 38 years and three days old, a truly great, almost inconceivable age.”

Many researchers and analysts believe that the average oldest cat is roughly 29 years old. So, please tell us how long your cat lived.


Cats are affectionate creatures whose lifespan is determined by how they were raised. Whether they were domesticated or had to fend for themselves in the wild, they made it.

Were they sterilised or vaccinated? We attempted to summarise what we learned about the life expectancy of cats in this article.

All of the studies completed by a number of reputable researchers have also been included to assist you as a cat owner in determining how long your cat will live and how you as a cat owner can extend their life expectancy.