How Does Discord Make Money

The Discord application is one of the most well-known pieces of software among gamers. Discord offers seamless speech and audio communication between users over channels of servers, and is generally free to use.

Discord has become one of the most popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) programmes worldwide thanks in large part to this feature.

The Discord app first came into being in 2015. It has been made cross-platform, working with everything from Windows OS to Android smartphones. Because of its success, the software has been made available worldwide in 27 different languages.

How Does Discord Make Money


What Supports Discord?

  • Chats and text messages with an option to attach photographs.
  • Voice communication using user-created servers that are end-to-end encrypted.
  • allows for the overlay capability, which provides instant communication access while using applications and games.
  • According to taste and preferences, servers can be developed for a variety of needs, such as dating servers, informational servers, bitcoin, etc.
  • It is simple to access because it supports a variety of operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and Android.
  • Complete control over privacy settings enables the user to control who sees or participates in shared content on private servers.
  • allows users to GO LIVE to stream live gameplay action and much more, offering an alternative to streaming services like Twitch.
  • It offers a premium version called Discord Nitro that enhances the user interface overall and grants limitless access to extra functions.

Comparison of VoIP Platforms: Discord

Compared to competing applications like Skype and TeamSpeak, Discord is incredibly user-friendly and offers a tonne of premium features at no additional cost. The majority of users choose Discord over other VoIP programmes for this reason.

Discord’s security updates are also more secure than those for other programmes. Consequently, more privacy is provided, and data theft is protected.

The diagrams below serve as an example of the different factors that have led to Discord’s dominance in the VoIP application market.

The aforementioned comparison chart evaluates the characteristics of all three of the free applications and rates them according to how easy they are to use.

The aforementioned Venn diagram highlights the distinctive qualities, strong points, and commonalities of each application. You can decide once you’ve seen the comparison. Nevertheless, everyone is aware of the victor.

Enterprise of Discord

With its freemium business model, which lets users access its core functions without paying for them, Discord has a rather straightforward economic plan.

Due to its popularity as of 2017, the Discord app decided without using advertisements and other marketing techniques to make money. It has $30 million in venture capital seed money for maintenance and as a fallback in case the Discord market is less successful than anticipated.

As of the present year, Discord has a massive user base of more than 250 million. With 150 million active users, Discord’s net worth was estimated to be over $1.7 billion in 2018.

Since then, Discord’s user base has increased by 100 million or more, and it is anticipated that this will increase its net worth to $2.2 billion.

This has been made possible by Discord’s innovative business model strategy when compared to that of other companies. As other businesses charge for features like Streamkit and Rich Presence, this programme draws an increasing number of users (mostly gamers).

How is Discord funded?

Due to two of its most strict and obvious techniques, the Discord software dominates the market.

  • The fact that it forbids in-app adverts on the chat platform is highly valued by consumers. Because people see Discord as a hassle- and ad-free tool, this draws more and more users.
  • Selling user information to other businesses for surveys and upcoming market research is categorically forbidden. Due to this, this application’s data privacy section has been strengthened, and its non-crackable source code has also been strengthened.

These two Discord marketing techniques draw the greatest number of users from all around the world and even persuade other users to switch from other VoIP services to Discord. This gives the application options to make money.

  1. Optional Customisation/Aesthetic Items: To improve the visual appeal of the interaction itself, the software offers chat style and emoji customization. These things are very likely to be purchased by streamers and aficionados.
  2. Discord has its own market for goods and customised items, which it sells through its own online store. These are developed especially for fans and are particularly well-liked by gamers.
  3. Discord Nitro: This is the premium edition of the software that allows select users access to sophisticated and unique features. This subject will be covered in depth.

Discord Accessories

There are numerous additional third-party stores that sell the goods and presents distributed by Discord, despite the fact that their virtual application’s merchandising store is still under construction.

Currently, Discord has stopped distributing their goods, but it’s anticipated that they’ll start again soon as it will help them increase their earnings.

Nitro Discord

Nitro is Discord’s top-tier subscription plan. It gives regular Discord users a better experience.

  • Use customised and animated emojis anywhere for more power.
  • Customized Profile: Claim a unique tag and a moving avatar.
  • Help a Server: Get two server boosts and save 30% on further boosts.
  • Rep Your Allegiance: How long you’ve supported Discord is indicated on your profile badge.
  • Larger Uploads: A 100MB upload limit for uploading high-quality files.
  • High-definition video, screen sharing, and live streaming via Go

The features listed here are the most recent Nitro features available directly from Discord.

Depending on the user’s desire, the Nitro edition costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Even the possibility to gift Nitro to other users is available.

What Potential Future Revenue Models Might Discord Have?

The net worth Discord has been able to amass over the last few years demonstrates how well its present financial status is.

Discord must make plans for future revenue sources even if its massive user base and a variety of paid features, like Nitro, have kept the market afloat. Discord must work hard to maintain and grow its present user base while competing with new and better services.

The following are some of the tactics that Discord will employ:


This is Discord’s integrated version, where the app’s functions are put directly into the game for convenience. The Discord developers have pledged to deliver it in an improved form.

The Discord economy will grow thanks to Game Bridge’s many capabilities, which include:

  1. It is a voice channel auto-match player.
  2. automatically establishes channels and servers for momentary use during seminars and gameplay.
  3. Simple sharing of GIFs, images, and videos.
  4. Controlling audio easily
  5. A better in-game experience through environmental and positional audio sound augmentation.

Sharing of Game Revenue

Discord has been seeking to establish alliances with other businesses, including Spotify. This enables users to share personalised playlists and view other users’ activities on Spotify.

These collaborations can be expanded to include betting websites as well as gaming businesses.

When a user purchases a game that uses the company’s trademark or any aspect of it, the application will profit from referrals. Discord would make this recommendation to its users.

As a Result

The virtual component of gaming and online labour had only been conjectured in past ages. However, the world has evolved, and tools like Discord have made it easier for users to communicate in this fast-paced virtual environment.

This programme is still being developed from the ground up and has a lot more in store for us. It has a lot of promise, and its devoted user base has helped it achieve the success it has today.