High Threat of Terrorist Attack at Kabul Airport

Officials who have been monitoring the situation say that there is a chance of terror attacks. The news from the United Kingdom says this and they have officially warned everyone of a “highly credible” threat. This is a threat the probably includes of an attack at the Kabul airport by Islamic State militants. We can also call them Taliban.

There has been a lot of evacuation that has been going on for a week from Afghanistan. Almost all the people are trying to leave the country after the Taliban came into power. This is indeed a situation filled with chaos. This situation can not get any worse but there is always room for more trouble and this has gone in the face of some terror threat.

High Threat of Terrorist Attack at Kabul Airport

The United States as well as the United Kingdom along with the other Western countries involved in the evacuation process has been anticipating this and has been urging and advising the people to stay away from the airport. This seems reasonable enough but in a state of panic, it is not something that can be easily done.

The tension has been rising and there was an announcement done by the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces Minister James Heappey. He has made it pretty clear by telling off a huge and concerning statement to the news this Thursday. He said in his statement that there is going to be an “imminent, lethal attack” that is about to take place at Kabul airport.

“Intelligence over the course of the week that we have gathered here thanks to the people who are working and monitoring it has confirmed with more than the certainty that there is a high chance of a threat. There is going to be a highly credible, imminent, lethal attack on the airport or the handling centers being used by western forces,” Heappey told the news.