5 Best Help Desk Software (2023)

To satisfy the need of customers has been and will be the main motive of businesses. Directly or indirectly it is the reason behind every growing business.

But during these highly competitive times, it is hard to not compromise with customer satisfaction. To aid businesses to connect to people help desk software comes in handy.

Help desk software are an integral part of today’s business world. They help customers to get in touch with businesses whenever they are in need to and have questions or queries regarding any product or service.


5 Best Help Desk Software

It will convert inquiries into tickets and automating information retrieval tasks.Help desk makes customers feel more valued and important by not telling to go to next and then next person and resolving their queries at the first stop.

1. Zendesk

All queries from different modes such as email, tweets, chat and social media are in one place on the Zendesk platform. It is well known in the industry for its help desk software including Zendesk support.

Zendesk even marks the conversations which are important and needs attention right now. Until an issue is solved, its records are kept.

There vigorous tools for team collaboration, full-bodied reporting, and analytics tools, vibrant request forms, and built-in SLA management too.

2. Help Scout

Help Scout offers conversational customer support software with the knowledge base and various reporting and messaging tools. You can have access to the contextual info easily.

As it display info on the sidebar such as contact information, transcripts of earlier conversations and data activity even from other apps.

If you want to add a team member to a conversation you can do so easily by just tagging them and they will be added to the conversation.

You can effortlessly embed documents into your web page and generate ‘Instant answers’, thanks to its knowledge base tools.

3. Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk is a multichannel, user-friendly, and support desk platform. You can set priorities to tickets or create default responses to common queries and messages.

A Teamwork Desk can surely help your team to raise its efficiency and effectiveness with collaborative task management.

The drawbacks that you might have to face while using the Teamwork Desk is that first response time and ticket resolution statistics do not take into consideration your business hours. This may lead to confusing agent performance metrics.

4. Kayako

Kayako is designed to work creatively and without taking much time to do so. Kayako gather together all received questions from email and social media and also from its live chat module.

One of its amazing features is its self service help centre as well as pre set replies to common queries.You can request team members to lend a hand with tickets. You can add internal notes to assist team members.

If you work with rules and guidelines you can simplify work. Reminders will come in handy while doing so. There are various metrics to know how it is working such as customer satisfaction ratings and team analytics.

5. Zoho Desk

Zoho desk is a multi brand, multi department and multi channel help desk which can work with live chat, social media, telephony, web forms and obviously email.

It features deep analytical and reporting tools and a quick and simple set up of various SLA and workflow rules through channels. One of its exclusive features is the AI assistant of Zoho desk, called Zia.

You can even train Zia with in- built Skill builder interface to assist customers, calculate anomalies, and identify trending ticket tags. It is even budget friendly and is much cheaper than most of its counterparts.

Its minimalist design can cause you to spend more time while going through deep analytics. But it’s totally worth it.


A help desk is surely a need for every business owner, unless he wants to lose in the game of business. Poor customer services mean bad word of mouth which can lead to devastating losses.

American companies alone lose $62 billion in business because of pathetic customer service.To avoid such a fate of losing you should definitely get your hand on reliable help desk software.

Few of which have been mentioned above. You can check which one suits you by using them during free trial.