Hashtags: Why You Need Them and How to Benefit From Them

Almost everyone who in one way or another comes into contact with social networks knows that hashtags are convenient for finding and structuring information. And marketers also know that they can be successfully used to promote content and boost commercial pages. In this article, we’ll look at how they can benefit you and how to use them effectively, rather than turning them into annoying sheets under your posts.


An Introduction to Hashtags

A hashtag is a special label for tagging social media posts. For example: #content, #sneakers, #translation agency. The # icon turns a word or phrase into a link. If you click on it, you will see all posts marked with this word. This principle works on all social networks, but best of all on Instagram.

Why You Need Hashtags and How to Benefit From Hashtag

Hashtags are used in other social networks and online blogs to structure information by topic to make it easier for readers to navigate the page. On Instagram, this tool opens up vast horizons for engaging audiences and building brand awareness. Let’s talk about how to select the most suitable hashtags for Instagram, and learn about the opportunities of Inflact free online generator for Instagram.

On Instagram, people search for the information they need using hashtags. If you chose the right hashtags for posts, they will be noticed by many people who are interested in this topic. And if your content is of high quality, these users are more likely to become your followers. The beauty of hashtags is that thanks to them, your posts are seen by hundreds and thousands of potential customers, even if they are not subscribed to your account.

For example, very often journalists are looking for experts on social networks for their articles. Hashtags are a great way to find a specialist in a specific field. By correctly choosing hashtags, you can get into the field of view of the specialized media. By using hashtags, you also show that you understand your target audience. You study the interests, behavior of your clients in social networks and use this knowledge to create relevant content.

How to Use Hashtags Correctly

Working with hashtags is a whole strategy. You can’t just take and write a few dozen of the most popular hashtags under a post. They must be selected wisely and match with the subject of the post.

Therefore, before publishing a post, you need to take a few steps:

  • collect relevant tags;
  • cluster them depending on the frequency;
  • create your own unique hashtags;
  • competently mix tags from different categories.

To collect the most relevant hashtags on your subject, use online automated tools (like Inflact).

They are free and are available in browsers for any type of operating system. Such services help to find out popular hashtags, and it takes literally a few seconds. Having figured out how to select hashtags by keyword, you will quickly assemble a collection of several sheets long. 

You can pre-select a list for each of the posts in accordance with the content plan dividing them into groups:

  • high-frequency – more than 100 thousand publications;
  • medium-frequency – 10–100 thousand publications;
  • low-frequency – up to 10 thousand publications.

Don’t ignore unpopular (low-frequency) hashtags. They are often used by people to search for highly specialized services or establishments in a particular region. Perhaps you will discover a new audience.

How to Use Hashtags Correctly

Of course, it is tempting to only use popular tags. You may think that this will lead to a large audience for you. But no! Such a publication can get lost among a million like it. The optimal approach is to combine high-frequency (most frequently universal words) and low-frequency (highly specialized). Let there be one or two popular tags per publication. Strive for the golden mean. It is important that the selected hashtags are relevant to the topic – otherwise, some users may complain about the post.

Combine hashtags with different frequencies for more impact. According to Instagram rules, you can include up to 30 hashtags in a post, and up to 10 in Stories. This does not mean that you should use the maximum number every time. Remember, keywords must match the content of the post.

One or two hashtags can be put at the beginning of the post or used natively in the post. Extra hashtags may sometimes be written in the comments – in order to use a lot of keywords and get more traffic without annoying readers.

When using hashtags, remember the simple rules: rely on the interests of the target audience, do not forget about logic, and trust your instinct. Experiment with different hashtags and be sure to analyze the results. This way you get the most out of this tool.