Haiti Missionaries Describe Dramatic Escape From Kidnappers

The missionaries prayed constantly for God to show them the best moment to flee. On two consecutive instances when they were about to depart, God commanded them to remain.

The 12 hostages who had been kept captive for two months put on their shoes and hid water in their garments on Wednesday night.

Haiti Missionaries Describe Dramatic Escape From Kidnappers


Haiti Missionaries Describe Dramatic Escape From Kidnappers

In spite of the presence of multiple guards, Weston Showalter, a spokesman for Christian Relief Ministries, told the story of how the aid workers were able to open the entrance that had been blocked and rapidly escape the facility at a press conference on Monday.

He claimed that a mountain and “the sure guidance of the stars” served as markers for their path.

They travelled north and west for nearly ten kilometres, carrying two young children while they “worked through thorns and briers” through the woods and thickets.

They managed to get a stranger to help them make a phone call as the sun came up. They flew to Florida later that day on a Coast Guard aircraft.

Through Tears, Mr. Showalter proclaimed, “They were Finally Free.”

The 12 surviving members of a group of 17 North American missionaries who had been abducted in Haiti two months earlier were freed last week, the rest of the world discovered. Up until Monday, no one knew they had made a daring escape and been set free.

Five days before Christmas, on Monday morning, Christian Aid Ministries executives held a press conference at their Ohio headquarters. It was the first time they had opened up about the incident, which had started two months prior when the group was abducted in a Port-au-Prince neighbourhood after visiting an orphanage by the 400 Mawozo gang.

A married couple, a 10-month-old infant, a 3-year-old youngster, a 14-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy, four men, and two women were among the group that managed to flee, he claimed. Five additional group members were released this month.

Last Words

David N. Troyer, general director of Christian Aid Ministries, stated at a news conference that unnamed donors “gave monies to pay a ransom and let the negotiation process to continue.” “At this point, we are unable to discuss these conversations any further.”

He asserted that the organisation will “no doubt” cease its work in Haiti given the current political climate. Thanks for reading our article Haiti Missionaries Describe Dramatic Escape From Kidnappers.