Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, Twins in an Uneasy Spotlight, Die at 72

Igor Yourievitch Bogdanoff and Grégoire Yourievitch Bogdanoff were both born on August 29, 1949, in Saint-Lary-Soulan, a ski resort in the French Pyrenees close to the Spanish border.


Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, Twins in an Uneasy Spotlight, Die at 72

According to the family tradition, itinerant painter Youri Ostasenko-Bogdanoff claimed to be a Tatar prince’s descendant and had left Russia as a young child.

Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, Twins in an Uneasy Spotlight, Die at 72

Their maternal grandmother Bertha Kolowrat-Krakowska, a former Bohemian countess who lost her title after having an affair with Black American tenor Roland Hayes while on tour in France, raised them.

The Twins’ Mother, Maria Dolores Franzyska Kolowrat-Krakowska, was a Kolowrat.

After barely a few months of marriage, Igor’s first union with Belgian nobility Ludmila d’Oultremont ended in divorce. He wed the model and direct descendant of Louis XIV, Amélie de Bourbon-Parme, in 2009 at the Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley. They parted up in 2016.

Half-brother François Davant and sisters Laurence, Géraldine, and Véronique Bogdanoff predeceased the brothers. Igor’s children from his second marriage to actress Geneviève Grad include Dmitri, as well as daughters Sasha and Anna-Claria, a son named Wenceslas, and three children from his first marriage: Sasha, Anna-Claria, and Dmitri.

The Bogdanoffs initially asserted that they were geniuses and that they had taken I.Q. tests as children and received a score of 190. They obtained their master’s degrees in applied mathematics from Sciences Po, better known as the École Pratique des Hautes Études.

The Bogdanoffs released “Dieu et La Science” (1991), a study of the interaction between religion and science, immediately after “Temps X” ended in 1987. A University of Virginia astrophysicist who claimed the authors plagiarised one of his publications for their best-seller sued the authors.

Last Words

The brothers reached an out-of-court agreement in 1995 after starting their graduate degrees in the interim. They claimed to be motivated by an obsession with the “initial singularity,” a region of time and space that existed immediately before the Big Bang and was characterised by an indefinitely dense point.