Green Tea Benefits, Side Effects, and Types

We all know that people consume Tea a lot. It is a standard beverage that people take for refreshment purposes. Green Tea originated in China but the manufacture and production have spread to other countries of Asia.

Many people know that Green Tea can only make us lose weight and stay healthy. In this article, we shall know everything about Green Tea. Why is it essential to have Green Tea, its types, benefits, and many more?

Green Tea Benefits, Side Effects, and Types


Types of Green Tea

There are many different types of Green Tea in the market. In the East boasts you can find many types of Green Tea. As Green Tea helps fight illness, it is becoming more and more popular globally.

In China, there are overall 300 varieties of Green Tea with different colors, profiles, shapes, and usage. As there are many Green Teas, among them here are the top 10 Green Teas that are most effective and most used in the world.

1) Jasmine Green Tea

2) Moroccan Mint Green Tea

3) Genmaicha Green Tea

4) Dragonwell Green Tea

5) Houjicha Green Tea

6) Kukicha Green Tea

7) Sencha Green Tea

8) Gyokuro Green Tea

9) Matcha Green Tea

10) Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

The beginners can also have these Green Teas mentioned above.

Let us go further and know about the health benefits.

Top 9 Green Tea Health Benefits

In the world, 78% of Tea gets consumed, of which 20% is Green Tea. It contains antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. Green Tea was used in China and India to control many health issues like digestion, mental health, etc.

It can also use as medicine in many countries as the leaves of green tea herbal and healthy to use. Green Tea protects us from many health issues. We must drink Green Tea in our day-to-day. Some of the health benefits are,

1. Green Tea and Cancer Prevention

They can treat cancer, but the chances of saving a person from cancer are rare. The treatment of cancer is also costly and available abroad only. Green Tea will protect us from cancer from before itself.

As it is an expensive treatment, it’s better to take the precautions before itself and stay healthy. Green Tea has a positive result on the following types of cancer:

  • Esophageal (throat)
  • Lung
  • Prostate
  • Skin
  • Stomach
  • Breast
  • Bladder
  • Ovarian
  • Colorectal (bowel)

In Green Tea, there are high polyphenols that kill the cancer cells and prevent them from growing.

When it comes to research studies, not all researchers can assure that Green tea can reduce cancer risk. According to the survey, there are chances that 2-10 cups of tea in a day can help you prevent cancer.

2. Green Tea Heart Benefits

Many people suffer from heart problems. Green Tea is the best medicine to have a healthy heart. In six different ways, Green Tea will improve your heart health:

  1. It enhances the blood flow and expands the artery.
  2. It will reduce the chances of a heart attack.
  3. It protects the heart from stroke and organ damage.
  4. Clears arteries and prevents the harmful plague.
  5. It helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The effect of Green Tea is cumulative and lasting. The blood vessels will also get dilated easily.

Green Tea helps prevent inflammation in the body tissues by which your blood vessels will get relaxed, flexible, and improve blood pressure. There won’t be any blood clogs that can cause a heart attack.

3. Green Tea and Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is found throughout the body. In a body, cholesterol is essential, but high cholesterol can increase stroke and cardiovascular disease risk. You can also can a significant effect on the heart.

In such cases, you can drink Green Tea. It will work like a medicine that can help you to lower cholesterol. There are many food items and supplements that can help you balance your cholesterol, and Green Tea is one of them.

You can drink Green Tea daily as your routine diet and stay healthy. There is an antioxidant present in Green Tea that is responsible for lowering cholesterol. Researchers also discovered that Green Tea has a notable effect on the levels of bad LDL and total cholesterol.

4. Stroke Risk and Green Tea

Drinking more Green Tea can reduce the risk of stroke. The study says that consuming Green Tea helps heart attack survivors lower their risk of death and prevent heart attack and stroke in individuals.

It has been proven that Green Tea reduces the risk of stroke. Many people consumed Green Tea daily, and the risk of stroke was reduced by 14% approximately compared to non-Green Tea drinkers. The healthy way of using these beverages is by not adding more amount of sugar.

In Japan, they make Green Tea only with water and no sugar. It will be very healthy to drink. Researchers cannot figure out why or how Green Tea can lower heart attack and stroke risk.

5. Green Tea for Type 2 Diabetes

Apart from heart and cancer problems, Green Tea is also helpful for other health problems like diabetes. Green Tea will decrease the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Some people have diabetes.

These people should consume Green Tea at least four times a day without adding sugar, milk, and cream. It will help in controlling diabetes. Make sure you use loose tea rather than tea bags. Because of the quality, the loose tea has more than bagged.

It also helps in soothing the body and mind. So drink Green Tea regularly and take medicines on time to reduce the risk of diabetes.

6. Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea can increase fat burning and help to lose weight. Many people try to stay fit by losing weight. They do many exercises and perhaps take medications too. But Green Tea is the best way to lose weight.

Green Tea has the compounds of caffeine that contains mild effects. It will burn fat and improve exercise performance. To burn the fat, it will first break down the fat cell, move it into the bloodstream, and give energy to the muscle cells.

According to the study, this experiment has been done, and the person who took green tea lost weight, burned 17% of fats compared to the person who doesn’t take Green Tea.

7. Green Tea and Inflammatory Skin Diseases

Green Tea can help to treat inflammatory skin diseases. A new study has found that you can also treat the skin diseases like dandruff, lupus-induced lesions, and psoriasis with Green Tea.

These skin diseases will multiply and spread more to control them; you can regularly drink Green Tea. Green Tea will balance your inflammatory skin and protects you from diseases.

Let it be any skin issue; Green Tea is the best solution to drink. Once you start consuming the Green Tea, you can definitely notice your problems getting solved and getting fit day by day.

However, there are many skincare products available in the market from which you can also find Green Tea to be one of them to cure inflammatory skin diseases.

8. Working Memory and The Effects of Green Tea

Green Tea has improved the working memory of the older women who drink Green Tea regularly. There was no change observed in the younger group.

Green Tea provides many health benefits, and working memory is one of them. Green Tea includes cognitive performance—green Tea processes from the neutral level of interregional brain connection.

Green Tea increases the connectivity between the frontal and parietal brain region on working memory processes. It also involves the treatment of disordered cognitive repairs like dementia. Drinking Green Tea is proven effective results in working memory; it improved reading and memorizing things.

9. Green Tea and Alzheimer’s

The study says that Green Tea can boost brain cells, improve memory, and protect from Alzheimer’s diseases. The study made a promise to protect from Alzheimer’s in the past year.

A flavonoid in Green Tea can bind to beta-amyloid proteins to prevent the formation of Alzheimer’s disease. The studies used MRI technology to view its effects. They conducted one experiment on one beverage and Green Tea.

The people who consumed Green Tea had increased brain activity than the other beverage drink. They monitored brain activity through an MRI machine. It was clear that drinking Green Tea is the best way to delay Alzheimer’s disease.

Green Tea Side Effects And Risks

Green Tea doesn’t have any side effects for adults, but there are some risks and complications from drinking Green Tea.

Caffeine sensitivity:  Insomnia, Anxiety, irritability, or nausea.

Blood thinner: Avoid Green Tea and aspirin because they will create the clot of platelets.

Always consult a doctor before you take any herb or supplements. There can be a bad reaction if a medicine will not get suitable for the herbs and medicines you take. So be careful and stay healthy.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding with a heart problem or blood pressure, a woman should not take Green Tea supplements. It can be risky for the woman and her baby.


Green Tea is essential in many ways. To stay healthy and fit, drink Green Tea daily. Some Green Teas might taste sore, but they are suitable for health. You can also try other Green Teas and select the one you like.

In this article, there are already types of Green Teas mentioned for beginners too. It’s never too late to start having Green Tea if you haven’t tried yet. Adults and old adults can consume Green Tea regularly. People can’t live without tea. So, better take Green Tea and stay healthy.