Goguardian 10k us 22m 200m Tiger

Tiger Global Management’s $200 million investment in GoGuardian.

Acompany that sells software to K-12 schools, is another indication of private equity’s bet that the rise in classroom technology would survive the epidemic.

In light of this investment, the valuation of Sumeru Equity Partners LP-backed GoGuardian has increased to over $1 billion.

Goguardian 10k us 22m 200m Tiger

The company, with headquarters in Los Angeles, launched its first product in 2014: a Chrome extension that helped educators track and limit students’ online time.

Along with other online education businesses, GoGuardian saw a surge in demand during the epidemic as schools attempted to implement virtual learning.


Tiger Global Deployed Investment in The Online Education Across China

Tiger Global has poured significant funds into China’s online education market. Recently, however, regulations in China have been a burden on this industry.

GoGuardian is currently only available in the United States, but CEO and founder Shinde has confirmed plans to expand internationally after receiving their most recent funding.

John Curtius, a partner at Tiger Global, has said that GoGuardian provides a comprehensive SaaS platform that enhances primary and secondary school instruction.

The company also provides solutions for managing classrooms and monitoring students who may pose a risk of violence or suicide.

While some have voiced concern about a possible invasion of privacy, Shinde has assured investors that the company follows all applicable laws.

He also clarified that no student information not already owned by the school is collected.

GoGuardian Believes That Education is the Highest Point of Leverage For Improving Society

GoGuardian was founded in 2014, just as digital devices were becoming ubiquitous in the classroom, on the principle that education is the greatest lever there is for social change.

The digital learning solutions for classroom management, student engagement, and assessment.

As well as student safety, offered by GoGuardian have expanded and won numerous awards.

GoGuardian’s explosive expansion can be directly attributed to the increasing popularity of e-learning and the subsequent demand for high-quality.

Adaptable learning tools to facilitate traditional, online, and blended classroom settings.

GoGuardian’s clientele increased by 60% in the past year, reaching over 10,000 educational institutions.

This number includes 23 of the 25 largest school districts in the United States.

One third of the nation’s K-12 students, or over 22 million, are now using GoGuardian software to supplement their education.


Like many other companies in the ed-tech industry, GoGuardian saw increased interest throughout the duration of the pandemic.

According to Advait Shinde, the company’s CEO, sales increased by 150% from day one, and the company has maintained positive cash flow ever since.

The company’s software is used by 22 million students in the United States, spanning grades K-12, at 10,000 schools. Thanks for reading our article Goguardian 10k us 22m 200m Tiger.