Top 5 Games to Play on PC using Android Emulators

Are you looking for the top 5 games that you can play on PC using Android Emulators? If you do, then you have come to the right place.

Android emulators are a common way on how to play Android games on PC. You can choose any of the popular emulators to play Android games. However, we recommend checking out BlueStacks 4 or NoxPlayer for the best possible experience.

Installing those emulators is also easy. All you need to do is download, install and connect your Google account to start playing.

Games to Play on PC using Android Emulators


5 Best Games to Play on PC using Android Emulators

So, which are top games that you should play using an Android emulator on your PC? Let’s find out.

1. Call of Duty Mobile

If you are a shooter fan, they need to try Call of Duty Mobile. It is the latest entry in the franchise, which is made specifically for mobiles. It is also highly rated and puts in marines’ boots who fight intensely in closed and open maps. It also offers a 100-player battle royale where you can show your shooting skills!

Call of Duty Mobile Play on PC

We recommend this game for Android emulator as it gives you access to mouse and keyword – which in turn makes you perform way better and win more matches! The game also comes with in-game cosmetics and a performance mode. Moreover, PC gamers got more addicted to this game due to reliable and safe hacks available online whether they’re warfare, black ops, or warzone cheats.

2. Civilization War

Civilization War is a battle strategy war game where you make civilization wars. It is a great building game where you level up your military, barracks, and other buildings to make your civilization strong.

Civilization War Game for Mobile and PC

The game also offers good strategy options, and you can do PVP with other players as well. As a player, you have complete freedom on how you want to create or manage your civilization. You can expand your civilization and get resources from other players by raiding them.

It comes with in-game purchases, which are entirely optional.

3. Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne is one of the legendary third-person action shooter games that captured the audience with flawless execution and slow motion. The reason why we include it here is the lack of compatibility that Max Payne offers when installing and running on modern hardware and operating systems.

Max Payne Mobile

With Android Simulation, you can try out the Max Payne Mobile. It is readily available on Android Play. Also, you can customize the inputs, which give you complete control of your gaming experience.

4. Alto Odyssey

Alto Odyssey is a free-to-play Android game that lets you play in a relaxing mood. The game follows a straightforward mechanic coupled with excellent music and graphics. At the core, you need to use Ski to clear obstacles and collect items. Sounds simple? Of Course, it is, and that’s what makes it so good for relaxing gameplay.

Alto Odyssey

You can connect your controller and play it for an extended period of time.

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest entity in the Asphalt series. It is a mobile-only game. This means to play the game on your PC; you need to use an emulator. It is also demanding, which means that you also need a good phone to run it in its full glory.

Asphalt 9 Legends

The game offers an excellent racing experience, similar to that of the console. By emulating it on your PC, you can play on your big screen and enjoy it!

With the game, you get access to tons of cars and tracks. It also supports customization and good control.


This leads us to the end of our five games to play on PC using Android emulators. You can also check out other games, including PUBG Mobile, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto Series, Hitman Sniper, Hill Climb Racing, Temple Run 2, Stardew Valley, and so on!

So, which game are you going to try? Comment below and let us know.