“Covid has accelerated across all our lives a big step up in digital adoption,” Jenkins said. “I think most people expect that to persist.”

The financial technology venture, which was initiated by the former Barclays CEO named Antony Jenkins, has been very successful in raising £132.5 million ($186.6 million) from investors in a bid to expand into North America.

Former Barclays CEO’s Fintech Venture Raises $187
Antony Jenkins, founder of 10x Future Technologies and former CEO of Barclays.

If you are unaware, the 10x Future Technologies was founded by Jenkins in 2016. The company had made sure that the focus remains on their main aim. The help that they are providing to the banks is essential. They are trying to help the banks shift away from legacy systems to cloud-based technology. New technology comes with the changing world, and no one is immune to that.

The company had been working nationwide, and they are thinking of expanding their circle. They are trying to expand to the US and Canada on a large scale. The ambition behind this initiative is real and to a point where the help offered is becoming existential.

“We’ve come to a pivotal point now where we want to massively scale,” Jenkins told CNBC in an interview.

Jenkins has mentioned that he intends to make the growing business even more so in the near future plan. Even though profit is still on their mind but that is not a plan for the much-prioritized growth that had been planned. They have been raising money for this purpose only.