9 Alternatives To Flipgram In 2023

Today’s generation is all about aesthetic pictures, sounds, and movement. Obsessive Instagram and Facebook users frequently post photos and videos. Stories are a show-off medium for everyone nowadays. You can show where you are what you are wearing, eating, and doing. Everyone hypes and uploads pulchritudinous pictures and why not.

And to make your photos and videos people use numerous apps and editors. Flipgram is one of the many application software that helps it’s user in creating fun video clips and slideshows from digital pictures and brings uniqueness by adding catchy soundtracks, filters, and frames.

Alternatives To Flipgram


9 Alternatives To Flipgram In 2023

Users can choose pictures from Facebook, Instagram, or personal camera roll. If you are looking for apps with similar or better features then here are 9 cool alternatives suggestions.

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1. Picflow

Picflow allows its users to add 100 photos and adjust the duration of the photos in a slideshow. The photos can be rearranged and music can be added to it. The starting point of music can be adjusted. People can get a speedy preview and share it immediately on social media platforms. This app is free of cost and has no watermark.

 2. Instashot

Instashot is an user-friendly all-rounder video editor. Creating and editing video is made uncomplicated by this software as it allows you to create, add filters and music, trim and alter the speed of videos. Professional photographers who use high-resolution camera may find that the quality of pictures degrades on phone but for beginners and hobbyists.

Instashot would be a good choice as it helps in creating the best quality video easily and efficiently. Instashot also has a pro version which doesn’t hamper the quality of photos but it is not free of cost.

3. Slideshow Maker

Slideshow maker allows the editors to make presentations or videos and add stickers, effects, filters etc. to it. The video can be then uploaded on Facebook and Youtube also. Both flipgram and slideshow maker has the feature of adding music on a slideshow.

It has a wide range of transition effects, zoom in and zoom out, fading to black, pixelate, mosaic being some of them. It helps in creating slideshows with up to 3840×2160 resolution. This app is only available for android users.

4. Make My Movie

My movie is a visual content editing app that makes your videos vibrant and diverse. It has a professional video cutter system and the video is exported in HD quality. The quality remains intact even after the video is compressed or merged. It is an easy-to-use vlog editor. To make a perfect and quick edit on the go my movie is a good option.

5. MiniMovie

MiniMovie has different types of customizable tools like filters, templates, effects, texts etc. to craft fun and engaging videos. It helps users in editing appearance and adds music to create an outstanding video collage. It offers multi-format support and facilitates easy sharing output.

You can also add tender and sweet texts and notes in subtitles in your video. An unfinished edited video can be saved in the draft to edit it later. It supports up to 60 photos at a time. Although users also complain of the pop-up advertisements MiniMovie is a good alternative to Flipgram.

6. VideoShow

VideoShow helps in making your videos richer and appealing.it supports many file output formats including AVI, VOB, MP4, WMV, MKV, WEBM, etc. The software supports 800+ effects and 50+ formats. VideoShow features include easy editing, rotating, trimming, cropping and cutting, splitting your videos, photos and audiOS. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

7. Vivavideo

Vivavideo helps creators and editors of videos to create and edit colorful and fascinating videos. It has a simple UI to create a straightforward interface to import and export files. It has a classic timeline editor with in-app custom music and theme support.

The files can be shared on social media directly. It is an all-in-one video editing app that helps its users in creating amazing videos as it has tools that help reverse your footage rotate or duplicate your project, muting and altering the volume and also alter the speed of the clip.

8. Triller

Triller enables you decorate your photos and videos with fantastic filters. The app has stunning editing tools to make your videos look classy and presentable on your Instagram, Facebook and Youtube stories. It has an easy drag and drop emojis and text to personalize your videos. It allows you to share your videos not only on social media site but also on the Triller community.

9. Video FXmusic Videomaker

VideoFX music video is a multimedia app that allows its users to record and create lip-sync music videos. Users can choose music from their device and film multiple shots. You just need to pick a soundtrack and start shooting a lip-synced video by pressing the capture button.

It also has a feature to use a microphone to shoot videos with live audio. Furthermore, it has a pause and resume button, time starter, and auto-pause timer where you can set up a time position in your soundtrack at which to pause recording.

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Final Words

The above mentioned apps are best to create and edit photos and videos. Each app has unique features and the best part is you don’t have to pay a dime to use them. The tools, effects, frames, filters, templates, music, etc. provided by these apps would smooth out your video-making experience.

Achieving great things shouldn’t be super challenging. The easy-to-use features in these apps make them user-friendly. If you have tried Flipgram you must try these apps as they will help you in diverse ways to bring out the best quality videos