Fistful of Vengeance Review Pursuing the Queen of the Underworld

The action scenes in Fistful of Vengeance can either be well-executed or overstuffed with explanation.

The key characters from the series make brief cameos in this movie because Wu Assassins is a prequel to the series.

Kai Jin (Iko Uwais), a San Francisco chef who is the current heir to a long tradition of magical combat, is friends with Tommy Wah (Lewis Tan), Lu Xin Lee (Lewis Tan), and Kai Jin (Iko Uwais) (Lawrence Kao).

Fistful of Vengeance Review Pursuing the Queen of the Underworld

In the follow-up, Tommy’s sister Jenny is discovered dead, and the friends are left trying to figure out what occurred. The only lead they have is a talisman discovered alongside his body.


Who was in Charge of Jennies Death?

In Thailand, where they are looking for answers, the group meets billionaire developer William Pan (Jason Tobin).

The underworld leader of Bangkok, Ku An Qi (Rhatha Phongam), whose twin sister, Ku An Qi (Rhatha Phongam), killed Jennies, claims that yin and yang talismans may be joined.

Kai’s friends insist on going after the criminals with him as he pursues them in an effort to catch them.

Simple is the Film’s Appeal.

It has a lot of carefully staged action moments where the ensemble members imitate Uwais, the movie’s martial arts expert. It’s unfortunate that director Roel Rein uses lore to describe the motivations, histories, and abilities of the characters in his movies.

Weakening Taoist ideas that are cerebral rather than culturally insulting are intended to explain the powers of Kai or his opponents.

As a result, the chance for the audience to learn more about the characters beyond their use as vehicles for their enigmatic powers is minimal.

Observational Experience

If the conflicts lack strong tactical, philosophical, or emotional underpinnings, the battles have minimal cinematic impact.

Knives and weapons slice and shoot as fists make contact with flesh. However, none of the steps matter. At its best and worst, the image is similar to seeing an alien play with knockoff action figures.


The entire time needed is 1 hour and 34 minutes of Handful of Revenge, rated TV-MA. The place to be is Netflix.