First Alert Sco5cn Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm

Use this battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide detector to protect your loved ones; In the event of a power outage, battery-operated CO alarms ensure that levels of this dangerous gas are constantly monitored.

It has a photoelectric sensor for detecting bigger particles of a smouldering fire and an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor.

First Alert Sco5cn Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm


First Alert Sco5cn Battery Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarm

The presence of smoke or carbon monoxide is indicated by lights on the front of the unit, and a siren that measures 85 decibels sounds a clear and loud warning when it is detected.

The battery-powered device requires no electrician for installation and can be set up in minutes. Silencing the low battery warning for up to 8 hours.

Conveniently equipped with a single test/silence button; Without removing the alarm from the ceiling, you can easily replace the batteries thanks to the alarm’s EZ Access Battery Drawer, which comes with a limited warranty of 7 years.

Including a chirp to let you know when it’s time to replace the device for safety reasons at the end of its useful life; Each and every one of our first alert alarms has passed stringent testing to ensure it is UL-approved. Radiates a T3 Waveform

Except for New York, We Can Ship Anywhere in the US.

Since releasing the first residential smoke alarm in 1958, First Alert has dominated the home safety market (Based on a First Alert Brand Trust Survey in February 2018)

The Original SCO5CN Alert Unlike traditional smoke alarms, which only detect smoke, a carbon monoxide alarm can also detect the presence of the deadly gas. The battery-powered CO and smoke alarm is simple to set up.

The photoelectric sensor is sensitive enough to pick up the smoke from smouldering fires while remaining unconcerned about false alarms caused by, say, steam from the shower or the stove.

Several potential sources of carbon monoxide leakage can be identified with the aid of an electrochemical CO sensor, such as malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances.

The combination CO/smoke detector has lights on the front to indicate the type of hazard and a single button for monthly testing and silencing false alarms.

Smoke/carbon monoxide (CO) detectors work together to keep your house safe. A variety of 2-in-1 smoke/CO detectors are available from First Alert.

Convergent Alarms With 10-Year Sealed Batteries

All those late-night low-battery chirps and the hassle of replacing the batteries in our 10-year sealed battery alarms are a thing of the past. There is also a voice-activated alarm with a 10-year sealed battery available from us. A smoke and CO detector will alert you to the presence and location of potential hazard in your house in the case of an emergency.

Alarm Systems with Multiple Sensors that Are Wired Together

Several different combination smoke/CO alarms are available from First Alert, and all of them are hardwired. The majority of hardwire alarms have rewiring made unnecessary by including hardwire adaptor plugs.

We provide continuous smoke and CO detection with a backup battery option to keep you safe even if the power goes out.

Alarms that Use Many Sensors and Run on Batteries

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that run on a single battery are a great choice for any home. Some battery-operated alarms have speech and location technology, while others can be linked together to create a unified alarm in the case of a fire or carbon monoxide leak.

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