Fauci Says Data From NIH’s Mix-and-Match Covid Vaccine Booster Trials Will Soon Be Ready

Dr. Fauci had said that the mix and match Covid Vaccine Booster Shots should be ready by the next two weeks. We all know who Dr. Fauci is, he is the white house medical advisor and he is inherent in the coronavirus case.

Now in the very recent days, there had been the new update where the CDC had allowed the booster shots from Pfizer to be given to older people who are more prone to the dangers of the coronavirus and who will need as much of the immunity protection against the virus that they can get.

Fauci Says Data From NIH's Mix-and-Match Covid Vaccine Booster Trials Will Soon Be Ready

It was also allowed to people who are known to have suffered from some serious disease and are very vulnerable. However, there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled. For example, the vaccine, or rather the booster shot also known by the people as the third shot will be available to the people who have already taken the first two shots of the Pfizer vaccine.

National Institute of Health is working on a different kind of vaccine. It is not just for the Pfizer vaccine users but it is actually using a technique to mix different vaccines from different companies and then make it into one single booster shot. They are reportedly now using a mixture of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines in order to prepare the new one.

“As with all things about medication that we do, this one also needs to be or rather must be submitted to the FDA for their regulatory approval,” Fauci said about the so-called mix-and-match trials. “So no need to worry off your heads now. You do not at any time want to get ahead of the FDA, however, you must at least be aware and know that this is where the data are right now.”

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