Fastest Internet Speed in North America

The year 2020 has been an eye-opener for all those who thought of the internet as a distraction or a means of entertainment. If everyone around the globe can come to a consensus over one thing this year, it would be that the internet has supported us during the tough times more than we expected or ever wanted.

We have learned things about the internet now that we would never unlearn and that would positively impact our years to come. There is no longer a need to physically go to any place if it can be executed online like grocery shopping, working, studying, taking medical consultation, etc. from the comfort of your home.

Fastest Internet Speeds in North America

Global companies like Twitter have announced work from the home facility for employees in the future as well and globally recognized universities like Harvard Business School have introduced the concept of virtual classrooms that is thought of as the digital future of education. By such instances, we have realized that if not for the internet, everything can be dispensable.

Since the internet has become the lifeblood of our being, we want it to meet our expectations and the foremost is it to be fast and reliable. Believe it or not, there are countries enjoying internet speed as high as 229.98 Mbps and to make it simple for you to understand, it will take around three minutes for you to download a 5 GB movie at such high speed.

You must have taken that we are not discussing the United States here, although, it is not like we don’t enjoy great speeds. In this article, we will discuss the countries with the fastest internet speeds on the continent we live in, North America.

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Top 5 Fastest Internet Speed in North America

An internet broadband comparison website, Cable, has closely evaluated the internet speeds of all the countries of the world and come up with a systemized ranking that is based on almost half-a-billion speed tests across 221 countries or territories. We have assembled a list of the North American countries with the fastest internet speeds in 2020.

Global Position Country Country Code Region Mean Download Speed Time it takes to download a 5 GB movie
17 Bermuda BM North America 73.6 Mbps 09 minutes 17 secs
20 United States US North America 71.3 Mbps 09 minutes 34 secs
27 Cayman Islands KY North America – Caribbean 57.96 Mbps 11 minutes 47 secs
28 Barbados BB North America – Caribbean 56.90 Mbps 12 minutes
34 Canada CA North America 52.60 Mbps 12 minutes 59 secs
37 Puerto Rico PR North America – Caribbean 47.87 Mbps 14 minutes 16 secs
49 Panama PA North America – Central 36.55 Mbps 18 minutes 41 secs
54 Saint Pierre and Miquelon PM North America 30.31 Mbps 22 minutes 31 secs
76 Greenland GL North America 18.65 Mbps 36 minutes 36 secs
79 Belize BZ North America – Central 16.57 Mbps 41 minutes 11 secs
81 Costa Rica CR North America – Central 16.42 Mbps 41 minutes 34 secs


This list comprises all the countries of North America that Cable could include in this research. Bermuda is the country supplying the fastest internet connection to its citizens while Costa Rica has the lowest mean internet speed in comparison. Going forward, we will discuss the fastest internet speed countries in detail.

Fastest Internet Speed in North America

1. Bermuda

Mean Internet Download Speed: 73.6 Mbps

The time it takes to download a 5 GB movie: 9 minutes 17 seconds

Population: 62, 170 people

Bermuda has jumped up the graphs of internet speeds this year crossing the United States and Canada assuming the top position in the North America region. The data to calculate its mean download speed was derived from 11,000 tests and 1204 different IP addresses. The superlative internet connection makes sure that citizens enjoy uninterrupted internet interactions at all times.

2. United States

Mean Internet Download Speed: 71.3 Mbps

Time it takes to download a 5 GB movie: 9 minutes 34 seconds

Population: 331 million people

Internet providers like Optimum Internet that offer download speeds as high as up to 940 Mbps are behind the fact that the United States currently boasts 20th position on the global ranking and second on the North American ranking with an average download speed of 71.90 Mbps. The average time to download a 5 GB movie in the United States would be around nine and a half minutes. The states with the fastest download speeds in the U.S. are:

Rank United States’ Fastest Internet Connection States Mean Download Speeds
1 New Jersey 52 Mbps
2 Maryland 51.3 Mbps
3 Virginia 48.7 Mbps
4 Texas 46.9 Mbps
5 Rhode Island 46.7 Mbps
6 New York 45.2 Mbps
7 Delaware 44.9 Mbps
8 Massachusetts 43.5 Mbps
9 North Carolina 42.4 Mbps
10 Connecticut 41.8 Mbps


Among all the states of the United States, New Jersey enjoys the fastest internet connection with a mean download speed of 52 Mbps. Around 99% of the total population of the states enjoys high internet speeds.

3. Cayman Islands

Mean Internet Download Speed: 57.96 Mbps

Time it takes to download a 5 GB movie: 11 minutes 47 seconds

Population: 65,722 people

The Cayman Islands are located in the Caribbean region of North America and rest at the third-highest place when it comes to a high-speed internet connection. About the Cayman Islands, it is spoken that the majority of the population enjoys online gaming and the high internet speeds make it possible for them to stream endlessly.

4. Barbados

Mean Internet Download Speed: 56.90 Mbps

Time it takes to download a 5 GB movie: 12 minutes

Population: 287,375 people

Barbados is an island in the Caribbean region of North America and is a famous tourist destination. It covers an area of 432 square kilometers. Although a small island, it provides great value for money to its citizens and enthusiastic tourists. You can download a heavy 5 GB file in just 12 minutes in Barbados.

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5. Canada

Mean Internet Download Speed: 52.60 Mbps

Time it takes to download a 5 GB movie: 12 minutes 59 seconds

Population: 37,742,154 people

Following Bermuda, United States, Cayman Islands, and Barbados, Canada comes at the fifth position on the North American fastest internet speed ranking. The mean download speed is 52.6 Mbps in the country but that does not mean that the Canadian government does not have any future plans. By the end of the year 2021, it is expected that almost 90 percent of Canadian households and enterprises would enjoy high internet connection regardless of varying factors.