Fall Allergies Will Be in ‘Full Force’ This Year, Experts Say

There is a chance that this year the fall Allergies will come in full force and very hard in the United States. Summer has now come to a close, and in many places, the transition is still going on into the fall season. But the allergies are already setting in. Often the allergies are triggered by ragweed and the presence of mold. However, this time, the health officials have made it apparent by announcing that the chance of fall allergies is coming in full force this time.

The ragweed plants are the ones that are causing all these torments in the fall season. This is the main cause of allergies, so this plant is responsible for creating a huge amount of pollen during the fall season. As the fall season sets in, these plants have also set in with their work of spreading the pollen grains in the air, which is going to cause the problem of allergies in many of the people and citizens in the United States.

Fall Allergies Will Be in 'Full Force' This Year, Experts Say

“In purely with the coincidental sync that is coming on with the hurricane season, this is the time where there is the peak period for the ragweeds,” the paper wrote in the article and has made it very clear that there needs to be a note done about the impact of climate change.

The CDC, also known as the United States Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, has said that the shift in the pattern of the precipitation, frost-free days, and the air temperature that becomes more seasonal, even the amount of carbon dioxide in the air can affect the length of which the pollen season will last. This will also impact the effect that the pollen has on people.

If you get fall allergies, then you are likely to have asthma attacks, itchy and red eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose. Since the allergies are likely to hit hard this year, there are certain things that you should do if you are prone to allergies every year.

You should always avoid touching your eyes with your bare hands. You should have a high-quality air filter at hand. You should also wash your hands often, and after coming from outside, you need to wash your clothes and yourself too. You need to be very cautious and keep your medication at hand too.