WHO Europe had given us some grim news as they say that the region could suffer another 700000 Covid deaths by spring. This is nothing to be glanced over at. The warning or the statement seems downright ominous to a point where it had got us worried.

The forecast about what is going to happen in the months ahead had been somewhat of a thought-provoking thing, and we are asking ourselves if this is indeed something that is inevitable or can it be prevented somehow? Well, anyway, it comes from a time when the 53 country region had gone ahead and passed the number of around 1.5 million Covid deaths.

Europe and Central Asia Could Suffer Another 700,000 Covid Deaths By Spring As Infections Soar, WHO Says

The coronavirus here is becoming the leading cause of death among people in Europe and Central Asia. The data and info are coming from the European branch of the World Health Organization. The region had seen some of the worst cases of the coronavirus as they are currently experiencing nearly 4,200 deaths per day. It is an increase from the time previous, if you are wondering.

“In order to live with this virus and continue our daily lives, we need to take a ‘vaccine plus’ approach,” says Dr. Hans Henri Kluge, who is also holding the current position of the WHO’s regional director for Europe. “This means getting the standard doses of vaccine, taking a booster if offered, as well as incorporating preventive measures into our normal routines.”

We are worried about what is going to come. It may or may not be stopped depending on the behavior of the people. We do not want more people to die because of this virus. The number of global deaths crossed 5 million this Monday, and that is a milestone that we are not proud of at all.