You must first resolve your current index, error Desktop Git

Git’s “You need to resolve your current index first” error denotes a merge conflict that prevents you from checking out to another branch until the conflict is resolved.

This error message also indicates a failed merge attempt or file conflict.

Error: You Need to Resolve Your Current Index First

You Must First Resolve Your Current Index, Which is an Error.

As you go, make changes to a file. You only work on the master because creating a new branch at this time is not practical. In order to update your current master with all the changes since your last update, you now want to create a new branch. You encounter a conflict, then you settle it.

You must first resolve your current index, which is an error. You cannot pull because your files are not merged. Please fix them in the work tree and mark resolution with ‘git add/rm file>’ or ‘git commit -a’ as necessary.

Git Ensures that You Cannot Ignore Them.

How to Restart After a Conflict in Git. Conflicts involving merges often have a sense of urgency. And with good reason—you must resolve them before continuing your work. But “dealing with merge conflicts” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to find a solution, even though ignoring them is not an option.

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