Epic Seven Tips and Tricks and Play It on PC

Do you want to know the tips and tricks to play the new updated version of Epic Seven? It is a great game and many people are playing it nowadays. So if you are one who has started to play the game then you have landed yourself to the very perfect article.

We will make sure that you know what you are dealing with by the end of this article. So do stick around if you are interested. You will not regret reading this article at all. So let us get started with the tips and tricks first.

Epic Seven Tips and Tricks and Play It on PC


Epic Seven Tips and Tricks and Play it on PC

Here are some tips and tricks that you might found to be very useful. Now please understand that these are mainly for beginners who want a general guide of how to start playing the game and some different dynamics of the game. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Re-rolling

Re-rolling is doing is a full restart of the game. It is for those who want to start the game from the beginning. Now re-rolling is very easy and does not take as much time as it used to take before. Who has that much time anyway? So the first thing that you need to get out of the way is the re-rolling stuff.

Rerolling in Epic Seven

It should not take necessarily more than a few minutes. Now, why you should reroll? That must be the question that you might be asking yourself right now. You can reroll to get the best pick possible for yourself in the game.

2. Take Good Characters

This goes without saying that you should not just pick a character because you think that the character design is cool. You should definitely pick out a good character that can be actually some good use to you rather than just be eye candy.

Characters in Epic Seven

You can pick Sigrid or Vildred if you want to. They are good enough characters to play with alone. You have to be smart while making the decision. Remember the saying that ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’.

3. What You Should in the Game

You should daily use your labyrinth compass. You should use friendship points in the shop to buy flags and energy. Also, try using your abyss guide daily in your game. You should also complete the side stories since you can get a lot of awards and prizes from them. It is not mandatory of course but we would still want you to do it for the prizes. You can leave them out if you think that they are not worth your time. They are extremely fun to do though. Just saying.

4. The Arena

You should unlock the bonus in order in the arena and how you are supposed to follow the order is mentioned below –

  • Forest of souls 0/3/0 (Get Penguins early)
  • Heart of Orbits 2/3/3 (Free sky stones and gold)
  • High Command 1/1/1 (Get ancient coins early)
  • Steel workshop 3/3/3
  • Alchemist’s steeple 0/3/3 (Easy Charms)

Epic Seven on PC

This was primarily built for Android and iOS devices. But that is not always the option. If you want to play this game on the PC then you can definitely do that too. You must have a powerful Android emulator to play the game on your PC. We recommend using a good and powerful one. There are many available on the internet.

Epic Seven on PC

If you are confused about what to get then we will recommend this Android Emulator to you. It is called LDPlayer. It is a perfect match for this game. Now you must be wondering that out of all the Android Emulators in this world why we have chosen this particular one. Well, no worries because we always back up our choice with something concrete. Here is why you should choose this one to play the game on the pc without any problem.

  • It is very easy to download and install. Even a novice can do it.
  • It has a large range of customization available.
  • You can install .APK file on it.
  • The interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • They have a bigger screen and a better resolution to offer too.


We hope that this article had been useful to you. Thank you for giving this article a read. We hope that we have been able to help you with your decision. We did try our best to make the best out of the situation and give you a much detailed guide about what to do in a limited number of words. If you have anything to say another word about it then you can easily comment in the comment section below. We appreciate all kinds of constructive criticism too.

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