The situation of the Covid 19 cases in England is not looking so good with the delta variant on the rampage. Now the cases detected in England are mostly because of the delta variant, which was first found in India. Although it was not that great an idea to uplift the Lockdown in England right now, people are still looking forward to it.

In comments released Monday morning by the government, Johnson said: “We are tantalizingly close to the final milestone in our roadmap out of lockdown, but the plan to restore our freedoms must come with a warning.”

England Expected To Confirm Lockdown Lifting

“While the phenomenal vaccine rollout has offered every adult some protection against the virus, and the crucial link between cases, hospitalizations and deaths is weakened, the global pandemic is not over yet.”

Johnson said Covid cases will rise as the country unlocks, “so as we confirm our plans today, our message will be clear. Caution is absolutely vital.”

“Freedom Day” — or Step 4 in the government’s long-term plan to ease restrictions — was moved to July 19 having previously been scheduled for June 21.

The government has said “four tests for easing Covid restrictions have to be met before the easing can go ahead, including looking at data to confirm that the vaccine rollout is continuing successfully and that infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalizations.”

The latest data will be presented on Monday, “with current modeling suggesting that Covid cases will continue to rise as restrictions are eased,” the government said in a statement Monday.

“Hospitalisations, serious illness, and deaths will also continue, albeit at a much lower level than before the vaccination program,” it continued.