5 Best Email Services, Accounts and Service Providers

Getting an email id, is something you must check out before. And if not then continue reading for that it might help you to know if yours is best or not, and to help you in future.

In today’s time getting an email id is as easy as it is mandatory. Almost every place (Web site) you visit on the mighty internet you are required to register yourself.

And the best way to register yourself is through an email id as you don’t want everybody to have your mobile phone number.

There are both free and paid email services available. Generally, a free service can be used for personal use and a paid email service can be used for business purposes.

A good email should be chosen to avoid spam-filled inboxes. With no more delay, let’s start with today’s article.

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5 Best Email Services, Accounts and Service Providers

1. Gmail

Gmail is literally the most popular email service on the planet with more than a billion users worldwide. After being released in 2004, it soon became popular and captured the market.

Gmail is super easy to use, even a first-timer can act as an expert while using Gmail because such is its simplicity. The main reason behind its tremendous growth was this simple interface.

This which focuses more on emails and less on other tools which might not be frequently used by everyone.Many things can be done inside the email itself.

The new update even allows using Google Meet and Hangout on Gmail itself.If you need a professional product then you can use Google workspace.

It offers 3 different packages and a free 14-day trial. Even with the most basic plan, you will get unlimited group emails and the storage will double up.

2. Outlook

Outlook is a great email service provide from many aspects. It has neatly organized web interface just like its desktop application. The toolbar is quick and easy to understand with no rocket science.

The app may seem simple to you but the complex algorithms are hard to imagine. For example, it collects all the majorly important emails and shows them in a focused inbox, which has no distraction.

Events such as a dinner or a flight can be added to the calendar and shared with another user. You can also add events to the family calendar where each member can see them.

3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is another decent email service provider. Although it is a lot underestimated but it is an amazing option. The one who uses it or works to know about it knows that how much potential Yahoo Mail holds.

One of the eye-catching features is that Yahoo Mail provides 1TB of storage, which is a lot more than compared to any of its counterparts.

Like its rivals, Yahoo Mail also provides a business plan. The main attraction here is the custom domain name.

But it is not the only feature; in fact, the business plan has a complete box of features that will leave you speechless, as you might also have underestimated Yahoo earlier.

4. Proton Mail

People now a day tend to be emphasizing more on safety and privacy than other factors. Such people will definitely love Proton Mail.

All of the mails are end to end encrypted which means that only you and the person who has sent or received the mail can read that, not even Proton Mail.

Although this security comes with a price, you have only 500 MB of storage and you can only send emails to other fellow proton mail users. But I genuinely think that it is also a smart option.

5. Zoho

Zoho Workplace is dedicated to businesses. It provides an office suite, document management, and many other useful tools.Zoho is easy to use and provides many unique features.

You can create custom hotkeys that will replace and expand simple abbreviations of your choice with full words and phrases. Zoho is definitely worth a try with its many features which unleash themselves with the business plan.

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The above mentioned email service providers are well known and are an amazing aid to businesses. Even for personal use, they are simply amazing.

The easy management helps you to focus more on your actual business than reading all of the mails, whether necessary or not.

These definitely deserve to be on your list when you shortlist email services and one of them might become your choice.