Eligible Americans Should Get Covid Booster Shots, Says Fauci

Fauci is the White House chief medical advisor, and it does good to listen to what the man has to say. He Said in a recent news states that the Americans who are eligible for getting the Covid 19 booster shots should be the ones who immediately get it, and it is a necessity, and one should get it by all means.

Yes, we know he stressed it a lot. But it is likely very important to stress on it since the holiday season is upon us, and we are facing a real problem of the cases going to spike soon enough. People need the booster shots.

Eligible Americans Should 'By All Means' Get Covid Booster Shots, Says Fauci

Fauci had been telling this from the very beginning. Not only Fauci but also several health officials had been yelling at the top of their lungs, telling people that the booster shots are needed for the people. They are essential for the fight against coronavirus and the pandemic. But it seems to fall on deaf ears as many eligible people had still not gone to get the booster shots.

Fauci had blamed the 60 million eligible individuals across the country who are stubborn and who do not pay any attention to the words of the health officials. They are still unimmunized against the virus, and they are why the cases are once again on the rise. Fauci downright calls them out and blames them for the entire situation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also known popularly as the CDC, had gone ahead and also expanded access to Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine to approximately 28 million children who are falling under the ages of 5 to 11.

This happened at the beginning or much earlier this month. This was immediately followed after spending time and resources approving booster doses for almost 100 million people this fall.

So if you are eligible for the Covid 19 booster shots, then please, for the love of God, go get it. It is essential for your safety and the safety of the people around you too.