Five Ways to Earn Bitcoins for Free

Bitcoin is great for long-term investments. Because of the increasing demand and high price, it is not always feasible for everyone, especially beginners, to get as many bitcoins as possible. But it is possible to get bitcoins for free online, and there are tried and tested methods that get you your desired bitcoins. Such as joining consumer reward programs, affiliate marketing, playing games or watching videos, and others.

Five Ways to Earn Bitcoins for Free


1. Join Cashback Reward Programs and Get Your Bitcoins

This is a valid method to earn your bitcoins. All you gotta do is to shop online through some online shopping reward portals like Lolli. Lolli has more than 550 merchant partners, and if you buy products from any of these, Lolli will send a bitcoin as a cashback reward to your Lolli wallet.

Pei is another android friendly app through which you can earn bitcoins. Pei links your bank details via Plaid and will give you Pei points as cashback rewards for each purchase that you make. These Pei points can be converted to bitcoins. To know more you can check out this website

2. Crypto Mining

Mining is another trusted method to get bitcoins. The bitcoin blockchain is hugely dependent on the work of miners. Blockchain is a shared database although it is a bit different in structure.

The blockchain stores data in a block as in a set of information grouped together in a block with a specific storage capacity. Once the storage is filled, the block is closed and links itself with its previous block, thus, forming a chain of blocks with their exact timestamp in the timeline.

The miners are responsible for calculating and determining the transaction of value via the blockchain. For these specific tasks, miners get rewarded with bitcoins. Although previously one needed to have really good computer skills to do mining, nowadays there are programs that can take care of all the calculations.

Such as Honeyminer for Nicehash scrypt-specific companies that have developed easily downloadable programs that can be installed in your device located at your home or office space.

3. Online Surveys, Playing Games, and Watching Videos

You can easily join various online surveys provided by different companies to do market research and earn valuable bitcoins. Time Bucks is one of the prominent companies that put forward an array of surveys for their partner merchant companies. You can take part in it, complete the survey and earn your crypto rewards.

This part surveys companies like Time Bucks gives out rewards for taking part in video watching, online gaming, downloading of various android apps, etc. You can volunteer your own device for mining the blockchain and earn bitcoins.

4. Affiliate Marketing to Earn Free Bitcoins

Affiliate marketers are in actuality market influencers. They use their online media portals that have a considerable amount of online following and direct these followers to specific merchandise and earn a certain amount of money as remuneration.

Do Affiliate Marketing to Earn Free Bitcoins

These affiliate marketers also get crypto rewards from the partnering merchant companies if they can direct new clientele to click and view the unique referral links that the companies provide the affiliate marketers when they join affiliate or referral programs.

That URL basically keeps a record of all the transactions made through the network and adds rewards to the marketer’s account. Coinbase is one such bitcoin affiliate program that handsomely rewards every referral purchase made.


You can take part in the trading of cryptocurrency and earn free bitcoin rewards with every transaction that you make. Through this, you can buy any sort of asset at a lower price and sell it immediately with a higher one. the strategies and rules of trading can vary and therefore many crypto-traders use crypto trading bots for trading. Pionex is one such trusted trading bot.